how to change your Attitude


How can I change my Attitude?
My friends/family think I have too much of attitude?
I live with lot of attitude, I need to change it?

if any of these questions come to your mind, than you need to read the following -

What is psychological definition of attitude?
An attitude can be defined as a positive or negative evaluation of people, objects, event, activities, ideas, or just about anything in your environment.

What is common definition of attitude?
Attitude is rigid view points or judgements about people, events, activities or ideas.
for example = someone who is comfortable wearing tight jeans in an environment where people wear trousers, will be called someone with loads of attitude.

Is having Attitude good or bad?
Attitude is living by what you believe in. If you belief system doesnt harm someone then you have all right to believe and practice it.

How to change your Attitude?
The question you should always ask yourself -
a. Do you really want to change your attitude?
or are you doing it because someone else says so?

b. Do you feel your Attitude has made you more negative, expressive or angry?

c. Are you ready to do extreme efforts in bringing and accepting change?

IF you have answers to these questions than change will be the next step.

How to Change an attitude you aren’t happy with?
Breaking an attitude is very difficult.. The brain is conditioned to work in that way, the brain finds happiness in that way.. so its very difficult to deconstruct it within hours or within days.
It might take weeks or months... so if you are ready to change, than follow these steps

1. Analyze Your rigidity - your attitude comes from a rigid thought process.. analyze it.
2. Rationalization - accept the flaws that your rigid behavior pattern brings to you.
3. Every morning trust yourself to do better in battling this attitude. somedays you will do good... and somedays you will do bad... but change will come slowly.
4. Tense moments will be there, accept them and take them as a learning experience.
5. Avoiding Mind Games - you tend to manipulate your own mind, by procrastinating on goal achievement.. the more you do so, the more you will fault in changing an attitude.

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