Obesity - A monster that's already here.

One walk through Mumbai's malls and its alarming to see how its fast becoming a city of overweight but undernourished people. 

10 yrs ago thinking of an ALL store (retail shop that sells only extra-extra large clothes) was more of a joke or an anecdote from USA .. today its a reality.

Experts lay the blame on traditional food losing out to fast food on the popularity charts, a phenomenon abetted by busy life-styles which make individuals dish out on instant meals.

Obesity has fast become an epidemic which affects at least 1 in every 10 individuals in Mumbai.

The worst part is that most over-weight people also suffer from deficiency of essential micro-nutrients making them physically and mentally weak.

As a doctor I have met thousands of "obese" people who are suffering from - 
a. digestive problems
b. hormonal system dis balance
c. deficiency in iron, zinc, vitamin D and vitamins B12 - leading to anaemia, weak bone structure, weak immune system, decreased memory and concentration, excessive anger, decreased sexual performance, faulty sleep structure and even suicidal depression.

d. common manifestations of vitamin deficiencies include graying and loss of hair, skin troubles, aches and pain in muscles and weakness in bones, faulty sleep structure, faulty memory functioning, irritability, mood swings and even suicidal thoughts.

e. high salt,sugar and trans-fats in fast food is leading to heart problems, hypertension and diabetes.
In fact its sad to see that people are now taking hypertension and diabetes as a fashion statement.

You earn money for yourself.. Make sure you are able to enjoy that money.. Not spend it in Hospital and medical bills - 

Simple solutions include -

1. eating better and healthier - you might need to keep a maid to cook for you, but in the end its cheaper than what you spend eating outside.

2. limit your outside food intake - not more than 1 or 2 a week.

3. exercise at least 3 times a week.

4. take a nutrition suppliment under the supervision of a nutritionist.

5. consult a professional and get a cure for emotional eating, or stress related over-eating.

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Dr.Hemant Mittal 
Psychiatrist and Motivational Writer

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