10 behaviors by Indian Women that destroy their relationships

I thank people for the emails and other positive feedback regarding my last post on "10 behavior by Indian Men that destroy their relationships".
Just as in the last post, hereby are 10 behavior patterns in the female gender that eventually can destroy a healthy relationship.

1. Limitless sarcasm: One thing that Indian Women are really well equipped is sarcasm.
Sarcasm can reach any level.
Most men fail to understand from were the taunts come, and women seem to never be short of them.
Sarcasm creates aversion to a female partner, making a male brain wanting to run away from the place.

2. Nagging - Nagging can be clinically defined as a repetitive behaviour constantly harassing someone.
I have seen many patients who have lost control on their nagging and it has become a personality disorder for them.

Nagging usually happens when the male partner is either in a very relaxed mood or a very irritated mood. In both conditions it impacts the subconscious brain to generate a very aversive and negative image about the female partner.
most common examples of nagging -

a. excessive negative comments, or "trying-to-prove wrong" attitude regarding actions of male partner.
b. withholding affection as punishment for petty fights that happened weeks or months ago.
c. picking fights for silly reasons
d. threatening to leave in case he does not fullfill her demands

3. "only my way" - Woman have different way to project their feeling of possessiveness.
One of the ways of the same is to want and change a man to do everything according to them.
Extreme Efforts to change their habits, taste of clothes, friends, people they talk to, way they behave in public, nightout with their friends etc...
in short change the over-all personality.

Initially men indulge just to satisfy their partners, but soon they start disliking it.
Lack of freedom or space to manifest their natural personality makes them irritated and angry.
Makes them sick and claustrophobic of the relationship. The relationship slowly psychologically dies in their mind.

4. Using Love as currency. - When love is given or reciprocated only on fulling certain actions, love stops being a feeling it becomes a currency.
its ironic...so many women put FB status of "feel loved" when their husband buy them an expensive holiday or an expensive garment or an expensive cell-phone... does it mean that rest of they days they don't feel the love?

Love is a feeling.
When it becomes conditional it becomes a currency.
And it gives way to negativity.
That day - love stops existing and a relationship becomes a business.

5. Its a secret don't tell anyone??? - Women when they talk among themselves are extremely expressive and graphic about what happens in their bedroom.
Specially with their close friends and family members, they tend to share more than the required information about their sexual life.
Women also love to discuss this "gossip" about their "Friends and family members" sexual life with their husband.

The gossip goes in a cycle and comes out in a destructive way.
I had a patient, he was having an erectile dysfunction due to performance stress. His wife told her best friend about it.
Her best friend told it too her husband.
Trying to be the great friend, her best friends husband went to my patient and started counseling him.
Not only did the poor guy feel extremely embarassed his anger against his wife came out in a very ugly way.


6. The Ex-Factor: - Women hate when their male partners talk about their ex-girlfriends/ ex-wife.
And they will throw temper tantrums if he dares to meet an ex-girlfriend.
But many themselves don't think twice before bringing in an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband into a conversation.
They fail to understand that Comparisons, personality differences and "fun-filled" memories with an ex are usually very difficult to digest for the current male.
When confronted with they same, they play the sympathy card -

"My husband/boyfriend should understand.. my ex is history.. I just want to share about him?"

Unfortunately it hurts the male ego more than women can expect.

7. Psychological Cheating - One of the major reasons for break-ups is psychological cheating.
Men can forgive anything, but not the fact that their woman is in "emotionally or physically connected with someone else".
Psychological cheating happens when a woman gives all her emotions to another man.
Her boyfriend/husband feels like "alice-in-wonderland" within the relationship.
Not only does he feel insecure, jealous and angry, but also fails to get a logical explanation for what's happening.

Woman tend to rationalize such relationships as - "he is just my friend, there is pure unconditional love between us, nothing physical.. just amazing sharing of emotions".

I'm Sorry to break the myth.. but thats utter bull-shit... because it does qualify as cheating.

I once had a male patient of severe depression. His girlfriend suddenly became "best friends" with a divorced man.
She spent all her time with this guy, making food and having "intellectually stimulating" conversations with him.
When it came to her boyfriend, she just felt he should understand.. poor guy couldn't take this "subtle selfish and emotional cheating" landing into depression.

8. Money Matter:- Always discussing about finances and making a man seem incapable to satisfy her needs, hurts the basic ego structure of a man.
It creates an inferiority complex, that leads to anger and irritation.
Also some woman who have more money than their male partners tend to flaunt their money.
A patient of mine married a rich girl. She would never care about the money spent and would always blame him for being "short sighted".
She always was confident her businessman family would provide them with all they needed.
the man couldn't take it.. and it lead him to extreme depression.

9. Only Talking - Good Communication is an essential ingredient for any successful relationship. Good communication means 50% talking and 50% listening.
Many woman come to a point were they are 90% talking and not even 10% listening.
Man have a lot to talk about, but need time, patience and space.
Man feel alienated in the relationship, as they cannot share their feelings or get any emotional exchange for the same.

10. Running away from problems - Women love to run away from problems.
They give the entire burden to a man, and wait for him to solve it.
When the man cannot solve them, they run away from the man.
Short-sightedness or lack of long term planning makes them impatient and immature.
so many woman who "proclaim to be mature" because they have experienced "emotional pain" in life.. they actually have developed the most immature way of handling situation - to run away.
This ways they not only destroy a relationship, but also can destroy the total personality of their boyfriends/husbands.

(This post based on true stories and cases I have treated as a psychiatrist/counselor/motivational speaker)

written by -

Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, DPM, MD(mindmantra))
(Psychiatrist, Motivational Writer and Counselor)
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