SRK (Shahrukh Khan) - The bench and Success

I was reading through Shahrukh Khan's life story and there was a point where he mentioned - "I slept on a bench for a week and borrowed Rs.20/. everyday from a friend to travel to film city" 

I wondered how many people have drawn inspiration from that line and how many have not.

We live in a world were struggle is synonymous with success.
You start as a fresher, face a lot of difficulties, slowly climb the corporate ladder and one day feel you have achieved something.

But till you don't feel you have achieved something, you are struggling.

As a psychiatrist, I meet thousands of people every year, who are at the same mental frame as SRK must have been during that 1 week.

Everyone knows that SRK made it too the top but just try to think about a young delhi struggling actor, sleeping on a bench and with 20 borrowed rupees in his pocket.
He might have dreamt of making it big.. but at that very moment he might have thought of QUITTING!!

In such a scenario you can have hope.. but its very difficult to be positive.. Its very natural to feel frustrated and just quit.
Remember - 

Every successful man has thought of quitting at least for once.

Every successful man has lost his patience more than once.

Every successful man has failed more than once.

Every successful man has thought more about negativity than positivity.

Then how could they succeed... because they persevered with goal in mind.
Because in such moment,  perseverance, patience and acceptance of self helps fight the despair.

Whenever you feel low, feel the life is not worth it... 
Remember SRK... remember a young delhi actor who had nothing but hope...

keep faith and patience... and slowly things will fall into place.

because - "picture abhi baaki hai mere dost" :)


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