Happy Relationship - Right person or Right Chemistry?

Love is the king of all emotions.
Wanting to be in love makes you restless.
Feeling love makes you blessed.
Being in love makes you euphoric.

A perfect relationship is the marker of "perfect love" between 2 individuals.

The biggest myth people live in is that perfect relationship requires the perfect person.

Love is never about the right person but the right equation between two people.

As a psychiatrist and as an individual I have met many couples who are "perfect person" for each other, but eventually are never happy in a relationship.
Too much of perfection leads to restlessness... Restlessness leads to destruction of love.

When there is too much perfection, other try to poison it by finding or pin-pointing onto flaws that don't matter to those involved.
This eventually moves the focus away from love to flaws.. and eventually destroys the relationship.

Everyone wants a relationship that is healthy, caring, loving, kind, upbeat, and positive.
A relationship that makes you smile a little wider and brighter...

In the starting all relationships are like that.. but within months external influences and personal fears introduce restlessness.

Some sociopaths love to destroy relationships. They are mentally sick people who love to introduce negativity about each other.
They are never happy themselves and love to hijack the happiness of others.

The best protection against all forms of negativity is to focus on the "chemistry" or the "equation" .. the "sharing" in a relationship.

How does one create a perfect chemistry by making sure that relationship is based on -

1. Honesty
2. Freedom to talk on any topic
3. Loyalty towards partner
4. Mutual respect for each others work and personality
5. Spending not quantity time but quality time with each other.
6. Not taking the other person for granted.
7. Adjusting to things that hurt the other person.
8. Your differences are your, don't let a third person come in between.
He/she might be your best friend..but they will be biased.
9. There is a time to speak out and a time to remain silent.
True wisdom comes from knowing the difference. p.

10. Lastly but most important accepting your partner as whole.. as the one... no need of comparisons or improvements.


Dr.Hemant Mittal
(Psychiatrist and Motivational Writer/Speaker)


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