A glorious, happy and magical year is there for you!

Its time of the year, when most people are evaluating 2013.
Some are happy,
Some are neutral,
Some are sad.

Its time to Let go of this year.

Look at the new year as a lovely, magical and wonderful garment that will automatically mould your being into peace and happiness.

Thank 2013 for it has helped you evolve... but time to let it go.

Let go of those who cheated you.
Let go of those who have judged you,
Let go of the disappointments you have experienced.

Whenever you wear a new garment, do you ever first throw dirt on it?
Whenever you wear a new garment, don't you want it to enhance your personality and make you look good?

2014 is a new garment.. Embrace it with positivity.

All the disappointment,
All those who left you,
All those who hurt you,
You might not be able to forget.. you might not able to forgive.. you might be full of anger and resentment...
but take a few minutes out.. A few minutes that are just for you.
In those few minutes, see all of these experiences as one sent to enrich your nature, and to make you more human and sympathetic.

You never loose in life.. because the parameters of victory are dependent on your mind.

Give yourself few minutes where you are free from all parameters.

Be alive, from crown to toe.
Breathe deeply, filling every cell of the body.
And when you draw in long, full breaths, believe you are inhaling health, happiness, wisdom and success.

Alchemy isn't learning the secret of making gold from iron... its  understanding, accepting and embracing your own spirit and its limitless powers.

Think of yourself as on the threshold of unparalleled success.
A whole, clear, glorious year lies before you!
In a year you can regain health, fortune, restfulness, happiness!

Keep repeating the Mantra - A glorious, happy and magical year is there for you!

Dr.Hemant Mittal (psychiatrist and motivational writer)

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