Finding happiness

Maslow said that happiness or success are based on mental attitudes... Someone who is satisfied in his needs will automatically move towards ultimate happiness.

The definition of needs is rather personal... As some might be happy in have 2 meals a day.. while others might be unhappy with the most expensive cars.

Hence evolution and continuity of in the happiness scale is dependant on acceptance of the decisions that one makes right now.

If you make a decision based on doubt, your future happiness will be in doubt.

If you make a decision accepting any future consequences, happiness will be part of you irrespective of the outcome.

Finding peace and happiness in this moment is not difficult.

Listen to your favourite song!

eat your favourite food!!

talk to your favourite friend!

Go out for a jog!

A long drive with the person you love!

But long lasting happiness depends on your attitude towards conflicts and problems in life.
Most people have the wrong attitude whereby they "wish and desire" to get rid of all conflicts and problems!!

The wish never comes true as the mind will always find some fault somewhere and they end up living in sadness.

The right attitude is to accept problems and conflicts as a part of the continuity called life. You can only try to raise above them but you cannot get rid of them.

Acceptance that at this very moment you are doing your very best within your nature to shape up the future meant for you is essential motivator to make you work more progressively tomorrow.

Dr.Hemant Mittal

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