10 great "what not to do" management lessons from David Moyes

At this moment David Moyes is probably the most talked about person in the world of Sports. The manager of Manchester United Club, he was sacked from his job a few hours ago.

Here are 10 great "what no to do" management lessons he taught us -

1. Taking over from a great man
David Moyes succeeded Sir Alex Ferguson. One of the most successful managers in history of Club Football.
This automatically put him in the spot-light.

Mind Mantra - Remember When expectations are very high, one has to micro-manage every step, every word and every action he takes.
When you are under the spot-light, you have to be prepared that every mistake will be high lightened 100 times.

2. His own back-hand team
After taking over, he fired the experienced team already managing the club for years and brought in his own trusted assistants.
Drawback - the entire core team was new, with no one to guide them through difficult situations.

Mind Mantra - I remember as a young psychiatry resident, the people who helped me most manage and understand patients were not my teachers and seniors, but nurses and medical representatives.

Your back-hand team is the one that gives you a realistic feed-back on how to manage your resources, as the seniors are just interested in "goal completion".
You need a back-end team who is experienced in the environment you have taken charge to handle.

3. All focus on one resource
Logic says no player is bigger than the club, but Moyes spent a lot of time focusing on Wayne Rooney.

Mind Mantra - Time is Money
Moyes spent too much time trying to keep one person happy, and eventually lost time to focus on other possible recruits.
An intelligent manager looks to create a powerful team of workers, not wander around one best performer.

4. 'Overtraining' your resources
There have been various reports that many players including Van Persie had suffered multiple injuries due to "over-training".

Mind Mantra -the more you "over-strain" and "over-load" your team with work, the worse their performance.
I have met hundreds of corporate employees who have couldn't take the pressure of workload and landed up with "nervous breakdown" or "burn out".
A manager is the one who is supposed to plan the perfect work schedule for all employees, to have maximum efficiency at all times.

5. A tough start
Moyes had a very tough draw at his hand. Anyone who knows a little about football, will sympathize with the schedule he got.
But does that doesn't discount the fact - he performed bad.

Mind Mantra - tough situations are bound to come. You cannot expect your job to be rosy and easy, because you just started at this position.
You have to be prepared. To prepare, you have to take advice of seniors and also observe the criticism to your working style with objectivity.

6. Destroying your Image.
Since I started watching football, it was always said that one of the most difficult places for any team to win is against Man. U at Old Trafford.
That fear went down the years and became a legend.
Man U constantly lost at Old trafford this season, and visiting teams became more confident of defeating them.

Mind Mantra - there are some strong points of your workplace which you have to keep in mind.
You have to defend these strong points, and always project them. As they will maintain an image of your power and strength.

I remember the movie lakshya, were Amitabh Bachchan tells his team - our battalion has never let the army down. We have to win over tiger hill, even if it costs us every single life.

7. Saying the wrong things
Moyes is known to give statements that break the pride of Man. United team and fans.

Mind mantra - If you team has been very successful in completing tasks, don't compare them with those they defeated a year before.
Stand up and motivate them to reach better standards than last year.

always the topper of the class is looked upon, for he/she did something different. The guy who came no.2 is same as everyone else.

8. Ego battles
Moyes is known to not have played many players who were signed or favored by the previous management.

Its a classical sign of ego.

Mind Mantra - Trying to prove you are right, you may go way beyond the real task and cause more harm.

9. Under powered Team
Moyes had an aging team which had to battle new, younger and faster teams.
He had spent too much time focusing on one or two players, that he had to manage the entire season with a "under-powered" team.
This can be a great hampering, but its all about team work in the end.

Mind Mantra - A managers work is to find a balance. Even if his team is under-powered he can make a difference, by finding the right balance.

10. You Stay with Ship till it sinks -
On a personal note i Feel its unfair to stick all the blame on David Moyes, but when you are the captain of a ship, its your duty to take responsibility of the entire ship and stick with it, till it sinks.

There can be hundreds of scape-goats, but the manager has to take the brunt, for thats the responsibility of his position.

written by -

Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, DPM, MD(mindmantra))
(Psychiatrist, Motivational Writer and Counselor)

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website – www.mindmantra.in

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