How to Become Popular?

Everyday I meet men and women who are struggling to become popular.

Be it a 22yr old college guy who wants girlfriends and be the envy among his male friends.

A 45yr young lady, who wants to feel desired and loved by everyone around.

or Be it the 37yr old man who feels he is losing his young age and throw parties just for people to recognize and appreciate him.

I could actually write a book on how to become popular... but I will bring 3 points -

1. One time “Impact” – The human eye and brain are wired in such a way that you have between 20-45 seconds before someone creates a “primary impression” of you.

If you are looking for a “long lasting” relationship than this doesn’t matter.. because that “primary impression” will change a hundreds of times.
But if you are looking to be Popular… This “primary impression” if your most important psychological weapon.

a. Smile Always flash a big smile,
b. Show positive attitude
c. Don't show your fear.

2. Body language – People are always judging you and they use your body language as the signs.

A free and relaxed body posture is always appreciated. The person seems more in control.
The Mr and Ms. Popular are very free and relaxed… They are very aware of their body.. They love their body.. And let it be an instrument of their confidence.

3. Attitude - Attitude of self-belief.. That you can get work done.
That you can make people happy. That you can do anything that comes in front of you.
If you have that attitude, it will show in your entire self.. And automatically people will be attracted to you.

Remember – You cannot change within a day...But you can do it in a few days.

Practice.. Practice and Practice… Don’t give up till you conquer yourself and your negativity.

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