5 reasons why friends turn into enemies?

1. Conditional Love - When a friendship is based on conditions, the friendship automatically acquires an expiry period. Such friends remain close till they share a win-win situation. There is always a social, financial or professional "benefit" from the other.
The equations change as soon as the "benefits" disappear.

2. The Chanakya Effect - Chanakya said that true friendship only blossoms when its between equals. When a friend becomes more successful than the other, or when a person hasn't been able to achieve the same success as his friends, the subconscious mind starts to compare. Comparison is an invisible enemy of friendship. It starts in the mind, and slowly changes the personal perception about a friend.
3. Three is crowd - Friendship is bond of love and respect that two people share. When this bond is one based on conditional love, a third person can very well influence it. Such influences are many times done at purpose. Fear of being alone, jealousy, insecurity are common reasons which trigger, "psychological games" to try and break the friendship of two.

4. Ego Battles - Everyone has an ego. He/she who denies it is just fooling himself/herself. Friendship is a bond that many times requires ego sacrifice. Ego is like an spring. It can only be stretched or suppressed to a certain extent, post that it recoils or breaks.

5. Communication Breakdown - when people stop talking to each other openly, misunderstanding start growing. Misunderstanding slowly become mistrust. This slowly destroys the bond of love. 

Friendship is a beautiful bond that requires a lot of work. Friendships are a gift from god. Friendships are also as fragile as a mirror, once broken they cannot be repaired.
Dr.Hemant Mittal 

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