Personality traits of a "Loosers"

Human psychiatry says that you are more likely to succeed or failed in a task, depending on your personality.

"Loosers" or people who have a greater chance of failure, share some common personality traits.

1. Passing the buck - The road to success is not up-hill, but has many road-blocks and down-falls. "loosers" love to complain and put the blame on others. They have an excuse why others are performing bad.

2. Taking all the credit - As I told you they love to complain. But when it comes to something good, they are prompt to show-case their "success". They don't mind stealing others achievements, and can go to any extent of fighting just to "falsely prove" they were part of success.

3. Love to say NO - Whenever asked to do a task, their first reaction is NO. They try and find excuses how to say no.
They are negative about the anything and everything they are involved in.

4. Love to deny mistake - If they commit a mistake, they will just keep denying it.. Even if there is sufficient evidence to prove their wrong doings, they will keep denying. For taking responsibility for their actions doesn't come to them naturally. For example - a patient of mine stole money to invest in shares, eventually he lost all of it.. but he denied stealing the money.

5. Excellent excuses - they don't accept their mistakes and they have excellent excuses to come out of a situation. They are very fearful to face-up truth.

6. Highlight the wrong - to prove their excuse and stories are real, they will highlight small and insignificant issues. They use two completely unrelated issues and try to prove they are inter-connected.
They try to confuse the other person and run away from the situation.
Example - a patient of mine was trying to sexually harass a woman, when confronted by the police he told how once he had helped the lady when she needed some advice, and the girl had touched him in the shoulder as a sign of invitation for sex.

7. Motivate others to speak for them - They are great in motivating others to speak for them. They will push others by use of power, cajoling or story-telling to speak up for them.

8. Invent stories - They create a story around everything. Most of them are fables which are a projection of their un-satisfied self. They might behave as kings and big people in those stories, but in reality their behavior is opposite. For example one patient of mine would invent a story regarding how rich he was, but in reality be a complete miser.

9. Everyone is the enemy - Their dark side has a bad opinion about everyone. They cannot think good about even one person. They will find a bad point even about their parents, spouse or closest friends.

10. Conspiracy theories - When they find themselves into a corner, they create theories. They bombard people with questions that are totally irrelevant. Will question your relationships, your life, your way of living.. and will say that only their point of view is right.
They will try and break your mind-set by these huge conspiracy theories.
Once successful they will fill your head with sympathy about them and try to alienate you from truth. For example - a patient of mine was caught cheating by his wife. The girl in question had a "bad name" in the office. So this man initially denied it, but eventually accepted it saying that he had done it to save the girl from developing sexual addictions.

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Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, DPM, MD(mindmantra))
(Psychiatrist, Motivational Writer and Counselor)

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