Signs that you are Taken for GRANTED in a relationship

The feeling of being "taken for granted" is probably the greatest killer of relationships.

As a counsellor and psychiatrist here are some of the most common signs that you are been taken for granted -

1. Phone/text ignored - the first sign is that your phone calls and text messages are being ignored. Your partner doesn't call back or care to reply back.
When confronted they either give lame excuse as if they don't care about it.

2. Anger - They lose temper very easily. Small surprises done to please them, make them irritated and angry.

3. They just don’t have time for you. - They have time for all their friends but you.

4. They have no respect for your plans. They'll cancel it with no valid explanation or too spend more time with "other friends". But when they make a plan, they expect you too be ready and smiling for it.

5. They don’t fear losing you. - They don't care with whom or what you are doing. They are totally engrossed in their own life.
They can even make statements like -
"why don't you socialize more with the your friends"
“I know you’ll never find someone as good as me” or
"whatever happens we will be together"

6. They just don’t admit their mistakes even when they’re wrong. Their friends, their life is suddenly their "ego" and you cannot outdo them.

7. You get used to being forgotten.- It’s been happening for so long that you don’t even think twice about it.
Your partner forgets your birthday or your special days, doesn’t really know what’s happening in your life, and doesn’t take the initiate to even ask you about your day because they believe their life is so much more important than yours.

8. You’re not their priority. Your partner may not acknowledge this, but you know this already. You don’t feel like you’re an important part in their life, and see yourself as a second or third option at best.

9. Your sacrifices don’t count. You may have sacrificed many things for your lover, your happiness, your life or even your future. But yet, your partner doesn’t respect them. He/she gives some lame excuse for them.

10. You’re ignored. Your partner is indifferent towards you. Sometimes, they don’t answer your questions, at other times, they just give you a dark stare and walk away even if you ask them something.

11. You are often blame. - no matter what you do, you'll get blamed for something, that you might be completely unrelated to.

12. Your instincts tell you that your partner doesn’t even care about you. You feel demeaned in the realtionship - but because you are obsessed, insecure or fearful you cannot leave him/her.

13. You know you deserve to be treated better. Yet you are scared to talk about this, as it might dent the relationship further.

14. They don’t listen to you. - They can’t even remember something important about you, it’s obvious there are other things that are of more importance to them.

15. They expect more all the time. - They always expect you to adjust with their friends, their way of life, their parents, and stop thinking about you.
I once met this woman who was very social, and would want her boyfriend to socialize with all her friends. The friends were a bunch of free-loaders, which the boyfriend never liked..But she expected him to socialize.

16. You feel unappreciated in love.- love is all about give and take. When you start feeling used, disrespected and hurt, you are being taken for granted.
Your partner feels you'll never leave, so he/she disrespects you further.

17. When in front of friends, they ignore you. During a social gathering they are more inclined towards friends or members of the opposite sex, and don't seem to care about you.

18. The ideas given by their family/friends are always more important and greater than what you comment.
You are always thought to speak in "childish" or "ignorant" form, while their friends/family seems to be the "informed" and "knowledgeable" ones.

19. Sexual intimacy is more of role playing exercises rather than an expression of love.
There is no emotion, just mechanical act.

20. Your tears/pain have no value for them, while even a small problem with their family/family is enough to be labelled a "catastrophe".

written by -

Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, DPM, MD(mindmantra))
(Psychiatrist, Motivational Writer and Counselor)

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twitter- @sai_ki_artist
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