The myth of Night-falls/swapandosh

Night-fall, wet dream or nocturnal emission are is a type of spontaneous orgasm during sleep.
Its present both in males and females.

- in males seen as ejaculation of sperms
- in females perceived by increased lubrication of the vagina.

Important facts -
1. its most common during adolescence
2. Every male and female will experience a few episodes of the same during their life.
3. an individual can wake up in between a wet dream or simply sleep through it.

Most common reasons Reasons for Night-falls in Males -
1. Night-falls in males are due to excessive amount of sperm accumulation within the testicles. This happens in when there is a lack of masturbation or sex to release sperms
2. Use of drugs that affect the testosterone levels in the body
3. high sexually provocative thoughts occupying the mind
4. watching or reading highly sexually provocative material before sleep

Myths associated with Night-fall-
1. it causes weakness - this is absurd as masturbation or night-fall have no effect on the entire "health" and vitality of an individual.
2. it causes decrease in sexual power (potency, erection and vitality) - absurd, as night fall is a way to actually remove accumulated sperms and make space for new ones.
3. its caused by over masturbation - absurd, no clinical evidence to prove the link between over-masturbation - decreased in penile sensitivity and night fall.
4. it causes decrease in quality and quantity of sperms - again stupid thought, as its a automated clean up procedure of the body.

Real Problems associated with Night-fall -
1. Wrong and erroneous religious and moral myths, induce Fear in the mind of a man having nocturnal emissions.
2. Fear of not being in control of own ejaculation - leads to guilt.
3. Fear leads to development of inferiority complex.
4. Fear leads to developing "false belief" that something wrong with the body or that health is deteriorating.

Cure -
1. regular masturbation/sex - at least 1-2 month, helps control the reservoirs of sperms and make way for new ones.
2. consulting psychiatrist/counselor for control over sexual restlessness.
3. avoid using herbal sexual medicines which are not ISO or Govt. approved. Many of them cause hormonal imbalances.
Many have cheap chinese allopathic medicines marketed under the ayurvedic or herbal brand names.
4. don't get into the fear, guilt and self-diagnosis induced by this episode. better to consult a doctor than consulting a friend, religious leader or quack who will misguide you against the same.

written by -

Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, DPM, MD(mindmantra))
(Psychiatrist, Motivational Writer and Counselor)

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