10 Personality Traits Leaders Have -

1. Leaders are comfortable with silence.

2. Leaders don't apologize for things they had nothing to do with... But are quick, subtle to apologize and forget their mistakes.

3. Leaders don't take blame for events and circumstances that are beyond their control.

4. Leaders are open minded to meeting everyone. They behave openly and don't behave badly.

5. Leaders are selfish for themselves and their team.

6. Leaders see challenges as opportunities to prove themself.

7. Leaders don't compromise on their sleep by worrying. If something bothers their mind and sleep, they seek good consultation for the same.

8. Leaders don't want to be the center of the party. They see to it that others are having a good time.. and people automatically get attracted to their genuineness.

9. Leaders don't compromise on their satisfaction because others want them to do so.

10. Leaders forgive and forget.. They don't live in guilt.

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