How to Cope with Job Loss?

Losing a job might seem a naturally accepted psychological incident within the life of an individual, but it has many repercussions. 

Though the immediate reaction is one of vigor and positivity to find a better option, within 3weeks it leads to major psychological changes with myriad of emotions like frustration, anger and guilt running on the psychological forefront.

Social laws have been designed such that in today's life, a job is an essential part of an individuals social and personal identity... Hence losing a job, suddenly makes one lose part of their identity.

The loss of identity is a very nasty feeling that introduces fear, vulnerability, anger, irritation and depression within the personality of an individual.

If these "common reactions" to job loss are not treated in time, over a period they become part of daily 24hr thought process, leading to damage in relationships, sadness, addictions and even possible self-harm.
The psychological blue-print that your mind follows after job-loss? 

1. Dynamic Phase - Generally after leaving a job, most Indian employees have saving that can help them last for upto 6months... The first 3 months are essential, as this is the "dynamic phase". This is the time when the mind has maximum positivity and need for action.. Excitement off a new job lingers in the mind.

2. Phase of Doubt - Exposed to repeated failure to find a job, the mind starts to linger into doubt. The clouds of negativity slowly start forming, and the distant gloom suddenly seems closer. 
It's here on that one has to start developing extremely planned approach to self-healing and motivation. A dwell in motivation levels can kill the desire of achievement in life. 

3. Panic - The phase of doubt is normally followed by a phase of panic. Decreasing saving, income loss, lack of opportunities... make the mind restless... The brain starts working overtime.

4. Restlessness - Once panic sets in, its mater of time before the mind goes into a cycle of restlessness. Its here when memory, concentration, irritation, anger and need for addictions start to manifest.

5. The present becomes dangerous - When you start waking up in the morning, with a feeling of fear, how terrible or bad is going to be the day today.. Remember its time to seek help.

How to Cope with Job Loss?
Coping is an essential life skill that no one teaches You. Coping with a job loss has certain important phases-

1. Introspection - before you start applying for jobs with a vengeance its important to look into yourself. Spend a day or two to introspect what went wrong, what can be improved and what is your future road-map.

2. Apply - Many people within the "dynamic phase" only apply for "excellent jobs" ... the forget the "good jobs"... Take my advice Apply to all jobs!!! 
Marginalizing  your view-point towards the type of job can cost you dear.

3. Positive focus - It could be your wife, your friends, your brother, your father, your mother, god or a professional counselor. Always have a person in your life who is a "positive focus".. Who not only guides you, but also encourages you... Treasure such focus, as it could mean the difference between success and failure.

4. Be professional - If you find yourself battling the mind, its time to be professional about it. Panic, anger, irritation, lack of concentration, memory, sadness, not preforming well in interviews, getting extremely nervous, etc will leave an impression on your brain functioning. Time to consult a professional healer and prevent damage on your nervous system.

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