The plight of patients - Lack of medical ethics?

Today at an informal gathering, I met a very charming senior citizen, a 64yr old man, who asked me a bunch of very interesting questions..
He said, son you are a doctor, can you tell me a few things:

1. my doctor says I have high blood pressure and has started a medicine which I have to take everyday... I walked 3 floors to his consultancy, waited for 15min and was really irritated with the crowd around... As soon as I went into his consultancy room, an assistant took my BP and told him.
how do i know that the assistant didnt take wrong BP?
how can just one measure of BP mean I have a problem for which I have to take medicines for the rest of my life.

2. My son told the doctor that I am retired, as i started explaining my problems within 30seconds he stopped me and said.. now that you are retired dedicate your time to god, religion, go for morning walk and join a laughter club.
when I am paying him his entire fees, why didnt he spend 5min to just listen to what i said?

3. I was out of his consultancy room in less than 5mins... I had a prescription with anti-hypertensive and multivitamins for 20days, which I had to buy from the pharmacy next to his clinic. He had written 5 blood tests.. and had asked me to come back within 20days.
my father lived till 85yrs, he never took any medications... he just lived healthy... I live healthy, still my doctor suggests blood tests and asks me to visit him every 20days..
i already feel like a sick man.. isnt the doctor supposed to make me feel opposite to that?

i spent 20minutes answering his queries, and then he got up with a smile.. and told me...
"you are much younger than my doctor... you spent so much time answering my queries... still my son will take me to consult my doctor because he is a famous name...dont mind!!!"

we both looked at each other and shared a great laugh ... :)

Dr.Hemant Mittal
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  1. Yes this is an issue.
    1. Few days back I met a doctor of gastro specialist.
    2. The consultation fees is Rs. 1000 ( a middle rung pvt. hospital enjoying a vast area on subsidised govt. land)
    3. He was so much hurry , just listened for less then 1 mnt of my 5 days suffering. In that period also asked me weather i will admit myself in the hospital.
    4. Next day i called him informing about my improvement in condition. (Earlier he gave me a visiting card with having his personal clinic)
    5. He instructed me to carry on medicine with mentioning i should consult him again tomorrow.
    May be another Rs.1000.Without thinking weather the patient is comfortable with this fees and that too told me to meet him within gap of 1 day.

    Here two things :
    1. In our country there is total collapse of govt. healthcare. In fact in all metros baring few renowned hospital there is no public healthcare. (the tax we are giving goes to dogs , so no public healthcare)
    2. Out of compulsion we opt for pvt. facilities , where the hospital authority and many doctors main motive is minting money.

    (you are much younger than my doctor... you spent so much time answering my queries.....)
    Sarcastically but he gave a best compliment to you from heart that too high BP heart:). Indicate in this dog eat dog world many humans are also there. Hope those self centred , money oriented doctors learn from you.