Chronic Irritation - what secrets about inner yourself it can tell you?

A. You know someone who is always irritated? its so great to label them as rude, grouchy or irrational.. but there could be many reasons why that person is irritated.

people many times try to counsel such a person, but it never works.. here is the reasons why:
B. Irritation is a very important symptom.. it can tell a lot about the functioning of the body.. 1. its important to identify the reasons for irritation.
2. irritation has many components to it.. since i cannot write the entire book here, will concentrate on a few important once.
a. frontal and pre-frontal lobe activity -a traumatic brain injury, frontal lobe syndrome, hemorage, dementia are silent killers that lead to constant irritation.
b. temporal lobe hyperactivity or damage
c. epilepsy - even akinetic type where no seizure is seen
d. depression
e. headaches - tension headaches, cluster headaches or migraines
f. personality disorders - borderline personality, paranoid personality.
g. generalised anxiety disorder
h. obsessive complusiveness
i. addictions - food, alcohol, smoking
j. vitamin b12 deficiency
k. thyroid dysfunction
l. gender specific -
males - increased testosterone which could range due to excessive gyming, steroids usage or cancer of pituitary gland.
females - estrogen deficiency
testosterone increase as in case of PCOD

m. environmental factors
n. neurological disorders - like trigeminal neuralgia, spondylysis or other neuro-pathies..

C. once the reason for irritability has been found out.. its important to treat that relevant issues..
D. in 99% of the above mentioned cases, repeated counseling has a minor effect as the major cause is never targetted...
so a symptom like irritation is very very important... unfortunately 99% people just let it go ... living a life that could otherwise be much more happier...

remember neuro-psychiatrist is not a person sitting to do "talk therapy" he is a doctor, who instantly understands the hundreds of biological and psychological reasons why you are suffering from a particular symptom...if your relatives/friends are not empowered with this knowledge they will fail to understand whats going in your mind.

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