7 Steps to calming your child.

as a parent, adult caretaker or teacher.. how many times have you been faced with the situation of an angry, crying or screaming child.
It's not only a site of embarrassment for many, but also one of extreme irritation for others..

7 tried and tested steps are:

1. eye contact - get to the childs height and look him/her into the eyes.
its important the child is not exerting too move his/her head to look into your eyes, else he/she will lose interest and continue

2. touch therapy - followed by eye-contact, a gentle touch of your hand on his shoulder, arms or chest tells the child you are there for him. takes away fear.

3. voice modulation - most children expect parents to reach an frustration level where they will "blast in anger"... show the child he/she cannot play with your emotions... talk slowly and emphatically .. the message should be "if you talk quietly and calmly i can understand you"

4. attention seeking - many children do such acts for attention seeking. Take them to a quiet corner and sit down with them.. they will automatically get all your attention...

5. listen don't counsel - once you have eye-contact and your child has your full attention, don't let it go but preaching and counseling the child... telling him/her all the wrongs and rights... listen to him/her.. let them talk for a few minutes.. these are very valuable minutes, they will increase your bonding with them multiple fold.

6. "i am a grown up"  - remember how as a child you always wanted to be big, so that you are considered seriously... the same is happening to your kid... discuss with him/her.. let him/her feel their opinion counts.

7. Don't do the error -spanking, hiting or abusing the kid is the easiest way out of this situation... it might temporary calm him/her down.. but its psychological effects are enough to cause psychiatric illness like fear/shyness/aggression/anger and negativity  as he/she grows up.

Dr.Hemant Mittal
email - eksoch@gmail.com

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