Power yourself through Silence

A few days ago, a young lady walked into my clinic and said "sir, my problem is that i talk a lot.. 
I have always been someone who loves to talk.. and I have used every opportunity to express it...If I was to be given a rupee for every time someone has asked me "to keep quiet", I would be running rich... Now my parents, family and office colleagues have started avoiding me because of this attitude!! Please help me, I want to change that"

Who hasn't been ever told to "keep quiet"?

For the great majority of us being "silent" means not talking.  

But does producing no sounds really mean silence?

The answer is NO.

Every year I meet hundreds of men and women who don't talk.
Who are called shy or individuals with attitude! 
or Who are told they should "talk" more to improve their social life! 
or Who want to talk but are scared of making mistakes while doing so! ... 

But when I look into their minds, I see a state of extreme loudness... They are continuously talking to themselves.. they are not silent!!! ... they have never experienced "true silence" or Peace.

So what is this "True Silence"?
True silence is one of the most powerful mental states you can achieve... Once achieved its a state that helps you control your mind and emotions... 

If you don't believe me, try this.. Close all electronic devices, mobiles, TV, shut the windows and try to sit for 10min in a closed room... For these 10min don't let any thought come into your mind.. I am sure the great majority of you will not last more than 2min ... 

There are so many yoga programs on TV, yoga classes and yoga teachers who preach "the eyes are the center of energy in the body"... For peace, one has to close their eyes and sit quietly...
I wonder if anyone has told them the truth ... "your brain-mind complex is the center of energy in your body".. and it doesn't come under control by just sitting in a quiet place.. In many cases it infact goes into an uncontrolled frenzy. 

Many times during my workshops, I try to teach the participants how to achieve "true silence".

Going into the detail of that process is not possible, but the few things that I would like to mention:

Understanding the aspects of silence - its just not the voice from your mouth.. but also the voice in your head.
  • The easy part is to keep the voice from your mouth under control.
  • The real challenge starts after that...
  • The moment you stop talking, the pent up energy in your body starts targeting your brain.
  • The stimulation of the brain, causes stimulation of the mind... The mind-brain complex leads to generation of an internal dialogue. Images, words, feelings, emotions from the past, present or about the future flood your subconscious. The more you try to stop it, the bigger and more volatile it becomes.
  • Remember that mind-training isn't something that can be achieved within minutes or hours. ITs takes days.
  • As a child you took 9months to assimilate a language and start speaking it. Similarly as an adult you will take time to experience "true silence"
  • The most important steps you need to follow:
  1. Challenge yourself - challenge yourself to change.. To accept change and to become a better person through change.
  2. Every day for the next 21 days fix a time of the day, you can call your own time. It could be 10min while in the loo, 20min while traveling in the local train, 10min just after you wake up. 
  3. Every day for that fix time, you will experience "stillness".
  4. You will consciously make sure you don't listen to music, watch t.v., use the cell-phone, access internet, don't eat.
    You will close your eyes.
    You will try to pacify the emotional turmoil and conflict in your mind by using your breath.
    With every single breath you take outwards, you will tell yourself that negativity is leaving your body and positivity is filling it.
    Once you finish the planned time (5min-20min, your choice), you will open your eyes.
  5. After 21 days if practiced properly, you will observe the power of emotional attraction, success and happiness you will develop.

NOTE- people suffering from generalized anxiety disorder, OCD, class 3 or more of clinical depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or sexual disorder should first get their problems cured and then attempt this method.

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  1. Its really very good Article Doctor and its todays need of every one to achive ones Inner silence. Good writeup.


    Its really very nice Article Doctor.

  3. Its something like open intelligence, and for that you should relaxed your mind and body for short moments repeated many times

  4. Great article Doc, its true that in todays world we all lack inner peace & silence. For silence & peace we keep running towards meaning less sources which again our brain keeps working in multiple thoughts...... I think doc such articles should be published in different types of Media.