Increase Your Brain Power - 5 easy Steps

A new progressive trend that I have observed among the young, dynamic and success oriented individuals of Mumbai, is that they don’t shy away from seeking the right professional help as and when required.

They have started revolting against the age old taboo of “psychiatrists” being just the “mad man’s doctors” and are increasingly seeking the “right” effective approach for professional and personal success.

Over the last 6 months I have seen a 500% increase in youngsters aged between 21-35yrs of age who are ready to revolt against age old systems and hungry for success.

One of the most common complaints I treat every day is the “decrease in memory power”. It’s unimaginable the distress a person goes through when he/she starts forgetting things, isn’t able to concentrate on personal and professional issues...Image sitting in an important meeting and just not remembering what happened there or driving the car and not remembering the journey back.

More and more people are understanding that this complaint has to do with their emotional management, rather than fancy medical terminologies that require expensive investigations.

It’s an irony that while people spend numerous hours building up the body not a single effective minute is spent to build up brain power.

Another age old myth is to take your brain for granted and believe that it will keep upgrading itself with time and age. Unfortunately our brains are not cell-phones who get software upgrades over the air.

It’s a medical fact that “not even 1/10th of brain power” is utilized by a normal individual. So imagine the possibilities of personal and professional success you could achieve by exercising your brain and utilizing more than that 1/10th.

5 simple methods for the same are:

1.    Ready to Change –
 The most common explanation that people offer is – “now that I am a grown up, how can my brain change”... again an age old myth that might not hold true even if you are living in the ice-age or in the middle-earth... 
Your brain is ready to change every single day, every single moment... Even as you read this your brain is changing... 

The brain is not a fixed entity, at microscopic level the nerves, blood circulation, chemicals and hormone production keep changing to adjust according to your daily needs.

“If you don’t milk a cow for maximum milk, you will not even get a glass full”

Your brain is ready to change... you have to be prepared to accept that change.

2.    The essentials – 
      Two commodities without which the brain is useless is good quality oxygen and glucose. It’s time to check your daily habits. –
a.     Do you do any cardio exercises – a brisk walk, a run, walking up and down the stairs are essential to increase blood circulation in the heart and eventually the brain. This gives your brain enough oxygen to help it work effectively.
b.    Diet – check what you eat... if your diet is loaded with fat, nicotine and alcohol you are calling for major blockages and decreased brain function.
four essential dietary habits you should follow for excellent brain functioning:
·         Diet should have good amount of Omega-3 fatty acids.
·         Saturated fat not only blocks blood supply it also decreases memory and concentration. If you have memory problems then its time to control the intake of red meat, whole milk, butter, cheese, sour cream and ice cream.
·         Fruits and vegetables are packed with antioxidants. Don’t miss the natural source.
·         Fresh Grape juice, cranberry juice, fresh grapes, berries and peanuts are excellent sources of flavonoids.. that boost your brain blood flow.

3.    Sleep it off – 
      Sleep is the most essential restorative process gifted to the human body by nature. In other words, all the toxic wastes produced in your brain are cleared only during sleep. Imagine if you never cleared your room or flat, it would start stinking... no one likes to live in a dirty and stinky place... Hence without proper sleep your brain becomes a dirty and stinky place which the subconscious doesn’t like to operate in.
If you have sleep difficulties, make sure thats the first thing you get cured.

4.    Where is the love? – 
      In the last 6 months have you ever laughed so much that your stomach started paining ... If NO!!! Then you are missing the most essential feature for effective brain functioning... Positivity ... love, fun, happiness and laughter are other names of positivity. They stimulate the nervous system to effective function.
Take time out for your friends, spend some quality time with your loved ones and do watch a comedy movie... because they boost your brain capacity.

5.    Brain dead or Brain alive you chose? – 
      Stress and Depression are the two most destructive emotional phenomena for the brain. It’s been medically proven that more than 3months exposure to stress or depression starts killing the brain cells.
Remember while you live within the false ego umbrella of not seeking professional help, your brain is dying. Every dead cell will not come back. Every dead cell causes lesser of positive chemicals and hormones being secreted in your mind.
If you compare yourself to others... then just think.. their brain is not same as your... and while they chose to kill their brains... are you also ready to follow suit.

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  3. Very good article but I have a querie in point 3 as you have discussed about lack of sleep what if the problem is not lack of sleep but excessive sleep with a big memory block?

  4. yes excessive sleep can also become a problem for memory.. as it leads to drowsyness...
    its also a sign that the mind is going into sadness and needs to be tackled..

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