What encouragement will you give irfan?

What words of encouragement do you have for irfan?

Irfan (name changed) is a young gentleman, in mid-20's... Has a good work, and is a professional body builder. The first time he walked into my consultancy, his body language didn't mention any signs of emotional or behavioral issues. Within 30min I was proven wrong. This 6ft intimidating personality sitting before me was battling an emotional war within the secret corridors of his mind. Like me, everyone around had never suspected what he was suffering from. And had he not taken initiative to come and visit me, he would have been suffering the same for many years to come.
so what had happened with irfan...
irfan was 10yrs of age, when he was sexually abused by a relative of his. This uncle of his repeatedly kept satisfying his perversions for years to come... Irfan couldn't talk about this to anyone because it was a taboo and he was scared of his uncle.
The seeds of depression, lead to immerse himself in studies. He was considered a "shy" kid by everyone, when truely he wanted to "explode" and tell everyone about his uncle, play free and be like everyone else.
As he grew and the sexual abuse stopped, he found a very "disastrous effect" onto himself... He found himself being more attracted to body builders than females.
At the age of 17, he joined the gym and it brought a major change in him. It was the perfect environment for him. He suddenly started feeling happy again..
He became so obsessed with his body and gyming that he would spend his entire day thinking about the same. Researching about the same. The more "body builders" he saw, the more attracted to them he became. It was a very happy time for him. And in 3yrs his personality started changing. He became more outspoken.

His major stressor was that he always saw himself in the mirror, and felt that he needed to improve one muscle or other... Soon family and economic pressure forced him to leave the gym.
This again brought the sadness and depression in his life.
He completed his basic graduation, and immediately started working. His performance at work was not upto his mark, and he took a long time to adjust.
The silver lining was that he got enough money to pursue gyming once again.
During this time he met a great girl. (Irfan doesn't want me to give any name to the girl)... They started liking each other, he never had sexual attraction towards her. 
For 3yrs his relationship was "perfect". He would dodge all physical intimacy by saying that it was something they would indulge in after marriage.
Finally irfan's parents agreed to the girl and there marriage was fixed.
Sadly for him this brought much more pain, than happiness. He suddenly was faced with the question of how to be physically intimate with his wife...
when he visited me, his mind was in a stress cycle. 24hrs just thinking about this issue.
After my psychiatric evaluation of him, the following was concluded -
1. The sexual abuse, has developed a Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in his brain, which he is carrying till date..
2. Gyming and body building provides him a sense of control , that no one can again do that act with him.
3. Body builders attract him, because he feels they are also powerful men, who no one can mess with.
4. he is scared of girls and marriage because, he feels his child can also go through the same trauma..
he is under my treatment currently and showing great improvement..
what he needs is encouragement.. and encouragement from you could be the breath of fresh air and support he is missing from his friends/family?

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