How important are the Board Exams?


The board exams are here.. parents are praying, preaching and punishing their children to get 90-95%.
A few evenings ago, I reached home after work, when I heard one of my neighbors shouting on his son. The great pitch of his voice made sure I could hear about the guilt and fear he was infusing into the 12th class kid to perform well in the boards. The next morning when I met him and asked him about the incident, he was defending it as if he had "won a battle".

Everyday at my clinic I get tens of parents who bring their children to "increase their memory". They want short term memory boosters that make sure their son/daughter scores the required 90-95% for that "stable future".

To all those parents and all those advocators of 90-95% I would like to say - YOU ARE DUMB.!!!
Its really moronic for parents to think that a 90-95% is essential....before you stop reading, let me explain it from the point of a counselor and a neuro-psychiatrist.

1. today kids who are scoring 40-60% are becoming doctors and engineers because their parents can easily afford 40-50lakhs for their graduation seats.
for those parents who cannot afford the same, they feel that 95% mark will guarantee a seat to their child... Lets face the truth... even a great majority of seats in competitive exams are been taken away by corrupt methods... 
so until or unless you dont have a child with an average IQ of 140 plus... forget that 95% mark means anything
2. its such a "psychological gimmick" to infuse fear into your son/daughter by telling how important that 95% mark it..
majority of parents do it so that they can gain respect in the society... 
Isn't it so pathetic that you have to rely on your son/daughter to gain respect and name in the society... Guess you are old enough to do it yourself... rather than letting a developing mind to do it for you.

By the way... if your child even tops the Board exams... 10 days later... no one in your own family will care about the same.. 

3. Only success matters... some of the most successful people I have met or followed, have been the biggest education failures of their times... the list is long, but the most famous include steve jobs, bill gates and dhiru bhai ambani.
What matters is success.. and success doesn't come from board exams..but comes from the combination of social skills, knowledge, passion and appetite to succeed..
As a parent have you ever thought that to your child..???
If not, forget the board.. teach that before he/she lands up into major failure.
4. On the long run nobody cares...  I have applied for many jobs as psychiatrist.. And now that I have my private practice...  I have a lot of people calling me with job offers... I still have to find one of them who is concerned about my laurels in 10th and 12th boards...
Those are just simple certificates and trophies no one cares... They care how good I am at my work today.
5. Accept globalization forget Indianization... I thank my parents for never being short sighted... But I pity the parents of my friends who where... Today every second household in this country is involved in a fight.. A father is fighting with his son/daughter to make sure they follow what he wants. 
Doctors, engineering, MBA's, CA's are old school... Today the market is open to explore...
I recently met a DJ who plays music for one of the most expensive pubs in Mumbai.. makes anyways around 1-2lakh rupees a month...His problem, his father now recognizes his talent, but for 8yrs while he was struggling he just blamed him to be useless.

A very famous movie actress was never accepted by her parents for going into the film industry.

Every day I get calls and emails from hundreds of parents who are distraught by the choice of career their child has made... Do a little research he/she might be on the path of success.. Think Big
One of my friends joined a call center 11yrs ago. He was disowned by his family. Today he is a partner in a call center, drives a BMW 5-series and makes around 50lakhs a year... Not bad for a kid who knew he was good at socializing, didn't mind attending calls and was smart enough to know how to play the corporate game.

6. Within a month i will be having children from 10th n 12th who are suffering from severe depression, attempts of self harm, nervous breakdown because of their results... At that time YOU the PARENT will blame it on yourself for causing this... S
SAVE YOURSELF THE BLAME... Be progressive... Think Big.. don't push your kid into depression, anti-depressants and death... Look at his positives and make sure he can make a secure future in the same.

Lets together make a happier society.

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