Rape and the glorification of Male chauvinism

Over the last few year, Rape has been one topic that has moved from psychiatric wards to the common man dinning table.
I remember as a young psychiatric resident, whenever we would get a patient of sexual abuse it was one of the most traumatic cases to handle.

While there might be hundreds of explanations of why rapes are on the increase in our society, the ultimate truth is that its because of the wide taught belief system of "male chauvinism" that we want to change.

what is exactly male chauvinism?
It rigid, fixed beliefs and attitudes of male superiority, associated with derogation of women.

Psychiatric studies reveal that Male chauvinism is a reaction full of stress and anger to coverup for one's own "inferiority complex".

As a psychaitrist I have been asked hundreds of times, why is "rape" and "sexual offences", higher in the northern areas of India. The truth lies within the family structure.

The northern belt of india has a family structure which still hasn't evolved. Parents aren't ready to accept children mature and as adults have the liberty to move to others places. Parents are very insecure about their old age and overtly concern who will give fire to their pyre. Hence they subconsciously create an huge dependency on the child without allowing him to think free.

Male Chauvinism arises due to a "false idea" of gender supremacy that's instilled into the minds of a young baby boy.
This idea itself arises from the insecurity parents have about their "old age". In trying to create a "support" in their old age, they fuel the "male child" with ideas of supremacy and "prince like thoughts".

A male living with a false idea of being "superior" because of his gender, naturally cannot accept competition from women. He will grow up insulting every woman and expecting every woman to "Bow" to him. He will see woman as a commodity who is expected to please him.

When woman show their own strength, such males tend to become anxious.
If woman stands up for herself, the male ego turns into anger.
Anger blinds them, and immediately seeks revenge in a form that hurts the woman for life. It pushes the mind towards sexual crimes.

Male superiority is a myth.. Male superiority is a idiotic thought process.
Politicians, Religious priests, film makers and other public figures make use of it to increase their fan-following and power.

Male superiority is a cowardice approach. Real men show their strength not physically or sexually but emotionally and mentally.

The lower the intelligence and the weaker the mind of an individual the more he will believe in Male superiority. The higher the intelligence and the stronger the mind, the more he will promote equality as he'll not be afraid.

written by -

Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, DPM, MD(mindmantra))
(Psychiatrist, Motivational Writer and Counselor)

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