5 things you learn while climbing the stairs of "success"

The one ladder everyone wants to climb really fast is that of "success".Everyone has a set baseline for success, and with time you keep raising the bar.

Achieving success is one of the most enriching and empowering experiences of life.

Recently I was invited to a group interaction of "successful" people from various walks of life.

As a psychiatrist, analysing their stories and personalities gave me a great insight into the traits they developed to achieve success.

Here are 5 such personality traits that one gets to learn while climbing the ladder called success -

1. Learn to have a Vision

Most people start a job or business with a minimum vision. For those employed its mostly about earning good enough to live a decent life, and for those having a business is to have a good revenue generation.

If you live by this vision, be prepared to get stuck in life. Because the money will make you fearful.. you'll take less risk and be content with less.

Success teaches one to see a broader and bigger possibility.
An employee can think of becoming the CEO of an organisation.. A businessman should think about spreading his wings in the entire world.

Remember nothing is impossible... it all starts with having a vision.. and thinking "It is possible."

2. A realistic Approach to your Vision -

I get to counsel many people who are stuck at various levels of their dreams.They just aren't moving forward.. and some are position to start regressing back on the progress made.

In the first point, I told you its essential to have a vision.. But a vision without a realistic approach is like a cone without ice-cream... not very appealing and tasty!!

You start with a plan to achieve you goal.. But remember only the goal should be fixed not the plan.

There will be adaptations you need to make, there are places were you might need to be selfish..there are places where you might need to take a back-foot.. there are places were you might need to join a fresh start-up.. and there are places were you need to join hands with others.. Have a realistic approach.

Only the goal matters.. not the path.

3. Don't presume.. Learn

The greatest road block to achieving a vision... is presumption.
Your mind might be full of presumptions on how the world acts and works.

I counselled a businessman, who runs a garment shop, who perfectly embodied this - he judged people based on the attire and language they wore. So whenever he thought someone was from a lower socio economic strata, he would only show the cost-effective stock.
After 10yrs in the business, he maintained his thought process. Recently he "poor looking" chap walked into his shop, when he refused to show him the "high-end stock".. that person walked out.
To his surprise, that gentleman was a very wealthy marwari businessman who went into his rival shop and bought nearly the entire high-end stock.

Don't presume, get knowledge.. Be open to learn from everyone. Be curious to learn from everyone. Every situation teaches you something. And every learning becomes a memory to be used later in life.

4. You need to be Confident and Selfish

Success is the single piece of meat for which thousands of hungry lions are fighting.
No one is going to gift you success.

If you really want to make it big.. Its time you start believing in yourself.
I daily counsel tens of people who have been crushed by the negativity and criticism that people throw on them.

Its time to fight back..

5. Realize Failure Is A Minor Setback, Not A Game Changer

Everyone thinks of "quitting" at some point in time of the career. But only successful people keep doing and working towards their goal.

Michael Jordan, said "I've failed over and over again in my life, and that is why I succeed." The only reason he succeeded was because he didn't let those failures discourage him to the point of quitting. Why? Because he realized his failures were only minor setbacks - not game changers.

Dwyane Johnson "The Rock" said - "I grew up where, when a door closed, a window didn't open.. .all motivation failed.. The only thing I had was cracks. And I just kept fighting to get through those cracks.. I scratched, clawed, pushed... bled.. I changed myself every moment.. but I kept fighting.. Finally the opportunity came. Now The door is wide open and it's as big as a garage."

written by -

Dr.Hemant Mittal

(Psychiatrist, Motivational Writer and Counselor)

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