7 mistakes that make your personality seem weak

1. Lousy First Impression
Your body is your ambassador. You have 20 seconds to make a lasting impression, here is what you do wrong -

a. Posture - droop, dejected or timid
b. Head position facing downwards as a school kid punished by teacher
c. Arms - sidewise or in-front
d. wearing Dirty clothes

2. Repeating the Same
Many people have the habit of repeating the same things again and again. This gives impression of restlessness, ignorance, indecisiveness or excuses.

3. Self-boast
Its good to let others know of your strengths, but many people tend to boast and exaggerate. Exaggerating on your strengths, can lead to excessive lying and story creation. Soon people understand your core self and such personality is perceived as non-truthful and untrustworthy.

4. I have no Weaknesses.. I don't need anyone.
Everyone has weakness and only a few people are ready to accept it.
Those who accept it and ask for help, immediately tend to create a rapport.
Those who are "know-it-all" or who portray they have no weakness.. never seek help and give the impression of being too proud, loaded attitude and/or not-helpful.

5. Unpunctual
Time is essential marker of how you are perceived by others. If you get things done on time, people consider you a very strong person. If you wait and wait.. you will be perceived as a procrastinator.
Your punctuality tells how much you care for others. If you make a commitment and don't stick by it, people will loose trust in you.

6. I want this, I want that
If you always keep demanding what you want, and don't contribute to help others.. people will run away from you.

7. Anger -
If you cannot control your anger, people know how to manipulate you. They can trigger your anger and get work done from you.. Else they chose too remain away from you, for an angry person is unpredictable and ends up destroying relationships.

written by -

Dr.Hemant Mittal
(Psychiatrist, Motivational Writer and Counselor)
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