Obsessive compulsiveness and Work

As a psychiatrist when I analyse the Corporate world, I find them in love with the psychiatric phenomenon of obsessive compulsiveness.(OC)

The work structure in most institutions is programmed in such a way to ignite the OC traits of an individual. In many cases the anxiety get beyond limit leading to a psychiatrist disorder called O.C.D (obsessive compulsive disorder).

A person suffering from OCD requires psychiatric treatment as his brain start under-going minor physiological changes which heighten the anxiety and fear. This manifests in multiple organs as increased blood pressure, digestion problems, hair fall, skin changes, heart manifestations, etc.

Some common traits of an OC corporate worker, going towards OCD.

1) You are hard wired to your work 24/7. - your mind never leaves the work place.. You might be at any place, but the mind is continuously thinking about work.. You either feel that your work place will fall apart without you or you just constantly in a worry to finish work... or you are constantly trying to help/improve on others work.

2) Everything is a task that needs to be completed perfection - Be it a holiday or a shopping trip, its all a task.. be it even eating out.. its a task.. and it has to be completed to perfection.

3) You are always stressed - Everything is a task, so your mind is always in state of intense focus. You don't understand when you are rude, angry or excessively demanding. You are just always stressed about the final result.

4) Completion of a task bring stress relief - Be it at work or eating out.. or with your wife/children.. you only feel happy when a "perceived" task is completed. Your mind is stress free only till your mind finds the next task.
For example - you might be really happy to have successfully completed a project at work. You are in stress free. You drive home, and the moment you enter home.. you remember you have to now focus on your son's exams. Your stress comes back within hours.

5) Others never seem to achieve the standards you set - You are always in a criticising mode, as most people aren't able to achieve the standards you set for them. Be it the boss, a waiter or your best friends.. you have a view on all.

6) You’re give a lot of value to your commitments - You make a commitment and you will do anything to stand by it. You will sacrifice your family and personal life for honoring that commitment.

You can even sacrifice your job to stand by a commitment you have made.

7) You don't remember the last time you "relaxed" for a few days together - Your mind is always in over-thinking mode.. you cannot remember the last time you spent days together in relaxed mode..!!!

8) Your phone, laptop or ipad is closer than your spouse/partner - When was the last time you turned off the phone/laptop/ipad without worrying or caring about the emails/messages/calls you might get.

You don't realize it, but you invariably land up checking your phone/laptop/ipad at least once every 30min.

Even if you are relaxing at a restaurant or sharing a private moment with your loved one..

9) You’re goals never seem to end - You might have achieved everything you had dreamed off, but suddenly it seems you haven't done anything yet. You are always looking to do more and more.. To achieve more and more.. Your mind is addicted to creating new goals..

10) Your memory is too powerful and its hampering you - You cannot forget the incidences that happened in the past. Having such a powerful memory makes you be very careful about people and situations. You sense of adventure is gone for a sense of logic. An excess of over-thinking and over-analysing.

Obsessive compulsiveness is like a drug.. once your mind is addicted it will just want more and more of it..

It can be very disruptive to your entire life... be careful.. and take professional help when required.

written by -

Dr.Hemant Mittal (Psychiatrist)



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