Doers vs Non-Doers

One of the most conflictive personality traits in the world is the that of those who will do a work, against those who will not do it.

Its an irony that most people will call themselves as doers, but the hard core fact is that deep inside everyone knows where they stand.

As a psychiatrist when I analyse such traits, there are some interesting differences that come forward -

1. The Doers will never "look like they are doing a work".. They will be not stop till a work is done. On the other hands the "non-doers" will create a drama.. the whole world should know they are working.

2. The Doers have a higher intelligence, so they have the ability to finish work in a shorter time. Thats why they can do multiple jobs in the time a Non-Doer will do one.

3. The Doers just believe in doing their work. They know which jobs they are good in and which they aren't. They will seek help where needed as getting the work done is their priority.
The Non-Doers don't want to work.. they will play politics, lie or take morally/legally wrong routes to avoid work. They will always take credit for the work.

4. Doers are narrow minded in reference to their work.. they don't explore new ways of working. They are based on experience.
Non-doers are more broad minded in their approach to work. They want it finished in easier and cheaper ways.

5. Doers are proud of their results, but easily let-go and look forward to achieve more.
Non-Doers tend to brag about their results. Even if the work is a failure, they'll brag as if they have climbed the mount everest.

6. Doers are "too" humble, because for them the end result is what matters. They can easily forgive those who didn't help them or support them in getting work done. And next time when needed, they might approach them again.
Non-Doers carry a lot of grudges and anger. They will never forget those who didn't help them. They will never approach them again. And always have a negative image about them.

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