Lessons that FIFA World Cup teaches in Personality Development

The FIFA world cup is the flavour of the season. The entire planet is geared to whats happening on the pitch in Brazil.
Already there have been some major surprises and setbacks.. Just like the walk of life.. The World cup gives a big insight into personality development -

1. As talented as you might be, one day you can loose - Never be too arrogant about your talent. And never underestimate a situation..
Even before the knock-out stage starts, Big teams are loosing and going out of the cup. They are losing to smaller teams.. similarly as talented you might be, even a small situation can become a big loss.

2. Don't expect people to always love you. - you might be talented and popular, but for sometime people might develop a negative attitude towards you.

3. The reality is People love to love, and love to hate - You can only satisfy people when you give a result as per their expectation. Even if you give a favourable result which is not as per their expectation, they will hate you.
You cannot satisfy everyone's expectations.

4. Not always will the environment be conducive to your best performance. - Brazil is a hot and humid place. Its difficult to play football there.. Its raining in some matches. But people don't care, they just look at the ultimate result. Similarly when you appear for an exam, or at an job or in a relationship.. the environment might just not be conducive for your best.

5. You have to take responsibility for failure - no matter how many explanations you create, the blame still comes onto you.

6. You have 2 options - believe what people say and soak into sadness, depression and anxiety.
Or be confident about your skills and efforts.. Don’t let anyone convince you that you are a loser.
Distance yourself from those who try to.

7. Superman doesn't exist in reality- its so easy to take all the burden on your shoulder.. Its so easy to put all the burden on someone elses shoulders.. It doesn't work that ways.. It doesn't pay to become superman.. Life is a team work and its important to delegate work.

If there is happiness and joy in victory.. there is also a great learning in defeat..

Enjoy the World Cup... and let it teach you something to improve yourself

written by -

Dr.Hemant Mittal
(Psychiatrist, Motivational Writer and Counselor)

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