9 reasons to choose a job

I get to meet many people who are extremely confused when choosing a job. Getting through an interview is not difficult for them, the tougher part is finding a job that suits their personality. 
Here are 9 pointers that you should look into while deciding for a job.

1. Salary - Your salary denotes the appreciation you'll get for your work. Its essential in choosing any job. Always look for a salary thats better than your last.
2. Company Prospects - Go online and search about the company. Don't go by the current status of the company. Look at its long term objective. Always Choose one company which has a great future.
3. Young Talent Pool- Age is something that will keep advancing. Its essential that you surround yourself with a young talent pool. This will give you and your team - energy and new ideas.
4. Mentors - Its always easier and more enjoyable to work in an environment where you have a mentor. Its always to look for a mentor, who you might know from before. An ex-colleague or an ex-boss. This helps you get a comfort zone in the company.

5. Leadership - A ship is as good as its captain.. Look at the people who lead the company. Look at their track record. Get an idea about their personality. A visionary leader is always a great source of inspiration.

6. Employee Satisfaction - Go online or ask friends/relatives to get you an idea about the grade of employee satisfaction the company offers. Some institutions offer a lesser pay, but great work environment. This is great for developing your long term career.
Others offer great pay, but bad work environment.. this is better choice at the end of the career.
7. Location - Are you married? Do you have kids? the second most important factor in choosing a job, is Location.
If you are comfortable with shifting - then you can choose to join the smaller branch of a company.
But if you are aversive to shifting and value your family life - look for a settled branch of the company, within your city.

8. the 5 year plan - Always have a 5yr plan for your career. This gives you a direction. Have ambition and want to climb new heights. Don't be afraid to take risks for the same.
If you can define these things, choosing a company becomes easier. 

9. Stress managing capacity - A self introspection can give you a great idea on how much stress you are ready to take. If you are a sensitive personality, who cannot work in a highly competitive and politics field environment than don't choose such companies.
You might need to forgo of a higher salary, but your piece of mind is the most important for your happiness.
written by -
Dr.Hemant Mittal
(Psychiatrist, Motivational Writer and Counselor)
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