Sudden Loss of a Love one can Trigger a Variety of Psychiatric Disorder.

Researchers at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia's School of Social Work and Harvard Medical School a new research shows that sudden loss of a loved one can trigger a variety of psychiatric disorders in previously normal people.

The researchers analyzed data from 27,534 participants. Between about 20% and 30% of these participants identified the unexpected death of a loved one as the most traumatic event in their lives.

Findings alert to the possible onset of a wide range of psychiatric disorders. Every brain is different and responds to the "psychological shock" in different ways.

Losing a loved one suddenly was found to raise the risk of
major depression,
excessive use of alcohol,
anxiety/panic disorders,
post-traumatic stress disorder,

These data indicate that, even in adults with no history of psychiatric disorders, he/she is exposed to a vulnerable risk period for the onset of a potentially disabling psychiatric disorder.

MIND MANTRA - Death is the greatest enigma for it cannot be predicted or avoided.
One can protect his mind from effects of the sudden death of a relative/love-one by -

1. Give your-self some time to accept it. Acceptance doesn't come automatically, it takes a few days to weeks. If you keep fighting acceptance.. it might take even years before you come to peace with it.

2. Death is the end of physical self... But not the end of life. The memories, wants and desires of the deceased always remain.

3. Don't Take guilt - its so easy to feel guilty for the death of a loved one. You could have done this, you could have done that.. what if this would have changed..
The gone is gone.. You cannot go back and change it.. Taking guilt is just creating negativity for no reason.

4. Let it be a learning experience - Death is a learning experience. It breaks the myth of control that clouds your mind. It teaches us to live each day, with love, forgiveness and peace.
Live each day not in fear but in joy.. that you can leave behind a lot of great memories, love and happiness.

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