Do you feel lost or clueless about what to do with your life?

Do you feel lost or clueless about what to do with your life. Do you Need some help figuring it out? 
It’s time to find out what is preventing you from achieving happiness. It’s time to solve the jig-saw puzzle and find your true calling. 
The first and most important step is to find out why are you clueless: 
1. Missing Important Clues  
Every person you have ever met. From your grand-parents to your servants have had a certain impact on your life. They have consciously and subconsciously taught you something. It’s time to harness that knowledge and use it.
What might seem insignificant to you might truely be a great treasure you need to unearth. 
2. School and College 
School and College are two of the most important places in our life. They are not only temples of education but also places that teach you a lot about people, friendship, self, betrayal, love and your own potential.
Sadly most people cover this knowledge under a blanket of “society” and “social needs” losing it forever.
3. Doing What your Friends Do  
Most people love to follow the easy road out. They look at others being “happy” and want to live that. So many people blindly follow what their parents, friends or relatives tell them.  They never stop to think, is this what I really want? Or is this what I really deserve?   
For example- a boy might want to buy a new powerful bike, but does he know that he can control that bike. A lady wants to live in a high-end neighbourhood but can she manage to behave like the women over there do? 
4. Desires   
The ancient Hindu scripts of Vedas mention, how the treasure of Kuber (god of wealth) has enough riches (gold, diamonds, pearls, silver) to satisfy every single individuals wildest desires for hundreds of lives. 
Most people love to live in an imaginary world where they find themselves owning a part of this treasure and spending on anything they desire.  
This comparison of what you have and what you can or should have makes you a cribber! 
You can only own a part of Kuber’s treasure if you have a plan of action not by imaging.
5. The age trap   
With every passing second we do get older. As we get older we develop two very great thought process that hamper our further development: 
a. Age is a road-block to have new desires, start new things or have the same enthusiasm to achieve success as in college. 
b. Over-analyse if we made the right decisions in the past. 
Both of these destroy the passion, enthusiasm, zest and motivation to achieve success.

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