Secret to Sharp, Productive, Attentive and Powerful Mind!

As a Mind-Body Expert the most common question asked to me is simple tips on "how to keep a sharp, productive and attentive brain?" Most people experience a fall in their professional productivity because of a decreased ability to concentrate or retain information. Hereby 5 simple techniques that can help you achieve what you want:
  1. Read and Write -  How many times as a child where you told about brain-hand coordination being essential. As we grow in life, we forget the same. Reading something interesting and writing material other than the professional keeps that coordination alive.
    Every day - spend at least 10-20minutes Reading something interesting and out-of-context from your daily life.
    Every week - write at least 3-4 pages of your thoughts, poems, mathematical questions or anything else that you like.
  2. Brain Blood Circulation. -  The entire body including the brain depends on blood flow. Blood is the medium that provides every cell of the body with oxygen, nutrients and a medium to take away all toxins.
    The best way to increase entire body circulation is through challenging aerobic exercises.
    For at-least 4days in a week spend 30min doing challenging aerobic exercises. Going to the gym is futile until or unless you want to increase your body muscle mass. Else-wise the body becomes adjusted to the regular treadmill and cardio-sessions providing no extra benefit to your brain. The more complex your movements, the better your brain becomes in coordination, rhythm and strategy formation.
  3. Eat for your brain-  Nutrients, vitamins, carbohydrates, fat, water..we all have heard that term. But when it comes to eating 99% eat according to what the taste buds say. A good diet needs to be balanced, doesn't need to be tasteless. Having antioxidants and brain boosting omega-3 fatty acids, with low levels of sugar and refined carbs is very possible.
  4. Friends - Keep yourself socially active. Being socially active doesn't mean having friends. Anyone can have 500 people in their Facebook friends list. Socially active means interacting with people.. having discussions that help to stimulate your brain into different directions.
  5. Cure Stress- . Chronic and acute, high stress is a common disease that 90% people take along to their graves. What most people fail to realize is that stress causes minor changes in the blood circulation of the brain and nervous system.
    Impairment in memory, concentration, sleep, presence of regular headaches and appetite problems (weight loss or weight gain) are signs of that stress has changed blood circulation in the brain, leading to hyperactivity of one part more than the other.
    Cure stress by personality analysis, meditation or professional help.

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  1. can u guide me how can i improve the memory,concentration and retention power of my son who is in 11th class. he is able to learn n solve many questions in normal conditions but in exams he is unable to recollect it and make may errors.

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