Natural Remedies to Cure Depression

Clinical Depression vs. Normal Depression

Depression is one of the most widely abused words. For any form of sadness we easily throw it out and say “i am feeling depressed”.
Clinical depression is the condition when a person has this feeling of sadness for more than 2 weeks. The presence of more than 2 weeks of sadness converts the depression from a emotional phenomenon to a physical phenomenon. The brain works overtime to cure the subconscious restlessness and sadness. To be able to take on this over-load the brain automatically decreases certain important body functions like sleep, concentration, body immunity, digestion, blood pressure control, appetite control, etc.
It’s extremely important for a person to get himself/herself cured before the brain permanently develops a negative pattern of working.
Thou there are many therapies for cure of depression, most people refrain from visiting a professional because of the fear of being labelled as “mad”.
For those people who prefer to live in darkness, I give you 9 great natural remedies, that will help you battle depression.
I would like to mention these are not powerful enough to cure clinical depression 100% because they don’t target the origin of the problem. But they will provide you a support.

9 Natural Remedies for Depression:

1. St. John’s wort- Its rich in the substance hypericin. It’s been found to have effective anti-depressant effects in mild to moderate depressive cases.
Standard dose of St. John’s Wort for those not on any other medications, is 300 mg THREE times daily of the 0.3% standardized extract.

2. Schisandra- A Chinese herb. It’s known to improve mood, break up anxiety, enhance libido, and aid the liver’s detoxification in mild cases of clinical anxiety and clinical depression.
Standard dose is two 500mg capsules taken twice daily.

3. Passionflower- An anti-anxiety. Advocated in cases having a mixture of clinical levels depression and anxiety.
Passion flower extract at 45 drops daily (tincture) are effective anti-anxiety.

4. B-vitamins-  Vitamin B’s are essential for the proper functioning of the brain. People tend to make the mistake of taking b-complex together when you really require individual components of the complex.  Vitamin b-12, b-6 and folic acid are the most important of the lot.
Be sure you are taking individual supplements of the same.

5. Calcium/Magnesium- They constitute one of the most common deficiencies present in depressed people. Help in reducing stress, muscle tension and sleep problems.
A 500mg calcium citrate with a 250 mg magnesium an hour before bed will help those with mild levels of clinical depression.

6. Omega 3 Fatty acids-  shown to be effective in doses of  9.6 grams per day.

7. 5-HTP or tryptophan- Tryptophan is an essential amino-acid a part of protein. The most effective of all natural products but also very dangerous as its very difficult to find pure tryptophan concentrates in the market. Most of them are adulterated or contaminated which can harm the neuronal system much more than the benefit they provide.
Present exclusively in different food groups, many people consume it with protein suppliments. Unfortunately presence of lower quantities of the same make it ineffective.
Special 5HTP suppliments are available in the market. One has to be careful to buy the best quality, as a minor degree of contamination can cause severe adverse effects.
Dose is started at 150mg of 5HTP twice daily and slowly increased to the required amount.
It has to be taken with care because many side effects are seen.

8. S-adenosyl-Methionine (SAMe)- A natural amino acid and part of the brain chemicals that work as anti-depressant. This natural anti-depressant is also a great detoxifying agent for the body.
it should not be used by those that suffer from bipolar because it has the  ability to increase catecholamines and trigger a manic episode.
Starting dose is of SAMe is 50 mg once to twice daily. It should be combined with other natural products for greater efficacy.

9. Vitamin D-  Any person who has depression should get his calcium and vitamin D levels checked.
A common cause that is missed by many, a starting dose of 1000 IU’s of vitamin D can do wonders within 3-4months.

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