What is your "Couple Image"?

If you are in a relationship, then having a good Couple Image is extremely important... Couple image can be defined as the mental image people around you form about you as a couple..

Why is this so important?

Finding love is a wonderful thing... but over-display of the same can make you lose friends, create a "cheap" image about you or make you the center of negative gossips.

If your image of a couple is what they show in movies like "harry met sally", Chandini or DDLJ.. then its time to pull up your socks..

It's my life "I have the right to do what I want", so why should I care about this Couple Image?

You are right.. its your life... Just to remind you the definition of health also mentions that a person should have a healthy "social self".
A bad couple image, immediately makes your social health become ill... without knowing so, your habits could be ruining your career, your social standing and making you a social outcast.

What behaviors create a negative "couple image"?

1. The "jaanoo" syndromeNicknames are cute.. They are an excellent expression of love. A few months ago I was in Singapore for some personal work. During a dinner meeting, I was shocked when the female shout of "jaanoo" from one end of the table, turned at least 30 male heads...
‘Janoo’, ‘baboo’ and ‘chweetie-pie’ is great language to be used in private.. Initial month everyone around you like the "love in the air"... but soon it becomes a sign of immaturity and show-off.

Baby talk will surely dent your or your partners image badly.. Refrain from it.. 
2. Don't commercialize your Kiss Therapy
India isn't the west... we are accepting westernization, but still haven't understood the entire ABCD of it..
Personally I think Kissing and snuggling is a very cute behavior pattern... an instant physical expression of love... 

But while you are getting cozy, pervert minds will be feasting on it... I don't know how much you like being the center of someone else perverted imagination.
Lets accept it, as Indians there is a "moral police"  present inside 90% people.. be it even your closest friends... if you over-do the tongue-twisting game, they will not think twice before labeling you as a "moral criminal".
Everyone wants attention... but negative attention just creates labels which stick for life.

3. The online love fest
The greatest public display of affection happens online. Facebook updates, twits, Blackberry Messenger status... Public declaration of love is an obsessive compulsive disorder for many. 
From "miss you madly" to cyberkissess to private photos... You want people to know "everything is rosy and shinny in your relationship"...
Its a great way of sharing your life with your friends and family...but when you just update regarding your love life... people start leaving you... your social circle slowly decreases... some out of jealously... others because "they feel" you don't have time for them anymore...
your updates have a strong impact on your friends...don't over-do the attention seeking game!

4. "My friend your friend" 
One of the main reasons for relationship discord is friends. While you love to take your partner to party with your friends, he/she might not be comfortable with them.
I recently had a case, where a couple was heading for divorce.. The problem started with wife wanted husband to party with her friends and their husbands.. and behave in the same "love-addicted" way as he would in front of his own friends...
The husband just couldn't relate to his wife's friends.. he tried but gave up.

Make sure your partner is comfortable with your friends... Talk to him/her about them openly. If there is any snag, make sure to solve it. Only then tag him/her along.

5. "Being Dumb" is not cool.
Recently while having coffee at the Hyatt regency, I was seated next a very well known film personality along with her "boyfriend"... It amazed me how dumb she would act. It seemed as if I was looking at a 5ft 2inch 18month baby... The way she interacted with the hotel staff, the overboard nature of complying to her boyfriend... 

It's nothing new.. Many many woman do it.. In an order to please "their man".. they behave as if god forgot to wire their brains.
Even thou you and your partner might like it... but Believe you me.. It's really very annoying in public... Those around you just feel your "an idiot!"
And people don't like being associated with "idiots"

6. Boundary to gossip
After Sex, the second more pleasurable activity for men/women alike is gossiping... People love to know whats going in your life.. And that give you a lot of attention... Unfortunately while trying to get attention many individuals tend to tell much more than required...

Its healthy to discuss your relationship with your friends.. but be careful with whom or infront of whom you fight or discuss about your intimate moments... people can create dangerous gossip that can harm you.
7. Respect your Single friends
A common Indian social behavior is that couple friends try to push their single friends to get into a relationship. Setting up dates, talking about the "bliss" of marriage/relationship, calling their parents to discuss about the same..... Sadly they don't understand they are creating a drift in friendship. If a person is single, its because of his/her choice.

Constantly nagging them about the same only induces delusional thoughts about a relationship... They only see the positives and don't understand the hard work required for the same... Hence if their relationship fails, they find it very easy to blame you for the same.

Besides all your advertising about how wonderful your partner is doesn’t make you popular with your single friends.

(Some of the inputs have been Inspired by an article by NAMRATA BHAWNANI, in Mumbai Mirror)

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