Adolescents vs Parents

Adolescence is the age of rebellion. The time when independent thinking process takes birth in a holistic way.
3 major topics of contention at this phase are:

1. "Keep your old and out-dated thoughts to yourself" -
Social, Economical and technological improvements makes each generation better informed than the last. But that doesn't discount the lack of "experience" which governs them.
while an adolescent might feel his/her parents are "old fashioned", its amazing how within a few years he/she will be thinking the same way.

2. "You don't know how lucky you are? You haven't seen the hardships we had"
Most generations are economically and socially sound than their previous. Parents struggle hard to provide their children a better life than what they had. Unfortunately they vaguely and wrongly use this point to get some sympathy or control over a situation.
It's futile because it way they who never wanted their child to experience the same hardships they did, so using this statement only generates more anger and irritation.

3. Follow the old way of livingA common point between adolescents and parents is that both love to follow the old ways of living. While an adolescent's duty is simply restricted to studying and friends, the parents take upon the responsibility to take the important decisions like money, amenities and career choice.
This is a very comfortable "social" way of living life, if we lived in 15th-16th century where life was not so competitive. In today's competitive world the most important trait for success is the ability to be responsible and decision making.
Something that a child should be thought since young age is unfortunately partially allowed only after he/she becomes economically independent. At this stage their lack of "Experience" in decision-making become a crucial reason for decreased success rate.

The war between adolescents and parents will continue for ages. But it would be less emotionally hurting for both sides if both gave developed a bridge of communication whereby the child is responsible for his/her actions while the parents are a guide not an enforcer of the same.

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