QUIZ- How Socially concerned is your SubConscious Mind?

Anna Hazare has made Socialism a fashion. Everyone is talking about doing something for the society. Among all this new age fashion, what is inside the real you. Hereby a small quiz to find out what your subconscious mind really thinks:

1. You are on a lonely road and you spot a man asking for a lift. You…

A. Stop and ask to see where he's headed and give him a lift if he's going your way.

B. Slow down and gauge him. If he looks decent and civil, ask him where he's headed. Else speed on.

C. Give a hitchhiker a lift? Are you crazy?

2. You witness a road accident while driving. You…

A. Stop, get out, check for the wounded and help them out.

B. Note down the license number and call the police as you move on.

C. Honk for the traffic to disperse and drive away.

3. In case of a natural disaster in your country/ state, what do yo do?  
You donate your time, money and any other resource you can spare to help people out.

B. You write a cheque to the Prime Minister's relief fund and drop in old clothes to a local collection unit.

C. You donate a day's salary for the cause at most.

4. You spot a few teenagers in a rowdy fight. You… 

A. Approach them carefully and try and ease things out as a mediator.

B. Tell them to break it up or you'll call the police.

C. Walk on. What is it to you?

5. You're out for a walk and spot an injured animal. You…   

A. Rescue the animal and take it to the nearest vet or try and locate its owner.

B. Place a call to an animal shelter and give them directions to the injured animal.

C. Someone is bound to help out. You have other places to be at.

6. You are caught witnessing a violent crime like a robbery. You…
A. Run to help out immediately. Quickly gather helping hands and help the wounded.

B. Sneak away and call for the police. Wait till the thugs leave before you help the wounded.

C. Make a run for it. It's not worth your life.

7. An elderly gentleman/ lady are trying to make their way to a train coach in a local. You…  

A. Walk over and help them in, probably missing your train in the bargain.

B. Ask someone heading in that direction to take them on.

C. Avoid eye contact and walk on.

8. There is a large dwelling of homeless people in your neighbourhood. You…   
A. Go across once a week with some biscuits, extra clothes and toys.

B. Donate to a local charity once in a while.

C. Call the cops and complain about the encroachment, nuisance and filth.

Mostly As

Not only are you a Good Samaritan, you go out of your way to help people in any way you can. While it’s a great philosophy for life, one must be careful because you might land yourself in situations of danger. It’s wise to be wary because the world is full of people who like to take advantage of people like you.

Your generosity and large-heartedness is a welcome treat. But you might also want to introspect on why you stretch yourself thin to help others out. It might be an emotional void that you’re trying to fill by being overtly-helpful.

That said, there just aren’t enough people like you in the world. So whether you’re angling to stash away karmic points or helping people genuinely makes you happy, teach and encourage your children and friends to do the same.

Mostly Bs

You try to do your bit but practicality gets in the way. You limit yourself to things that are easily doable without going out of your way. You are also careful and particular about not getting yourself in dangerous situations. It’s a smart thing to do. However, your overcautious attitude might actually keep you from helping out more people than you could. You try and do the bare minimum to make sure your guilt doesn’t act up. A strictly safe option.

Mostly Cs
While a lot of us can probably associate with these characteristics, it only goes to show that years of urban living has made us insensitive to the poor and those in agony. Our defense mechanisms and daily pressures keep us from being helpful citizens and sensitive people. Over time, these qualities become inherent and even the guilt factor stops playing up.

While we are blessed and we pay gratitude to our respective gods, we fail to uphold basic humanitarian duties towards each other. One doesn’t need to go out of their way to help out. It’s mostly a simple gesture that makes all the difference to someone in need.

Introspect on your attitude and reflect upon how you can be grateful for the comforts you have been blessed with. Not to mention, karmically, it’s a great bonus.

(article forwarded to me by a friend of mine to share with all of you.)

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