be Childish... and show the middle finger to those who stop you!!!

I meet so many people who have lost the ability to experience and enjoy learning...
They are now mentally programmed to follow processes.

They have become robots who cannot think beyond a certain rules and regulation.

People use florid and flowery language to mask their frustrations.
They talk about logic to mask their inability to accept the unknown.

They talk about god and spirituality to mask their fears.

They call you Kidish and childish.. because they envy your freedom.

They judge you.. and then say "we don't judge"

They hurt you.. destroy your confidence... and drag you too depression.. and then say "may you live in Peace".

They have no love for you.

They have no regret for the psychological harm caused to you.

They are selfish...

They are manipulators who only seek their own happiness... and use rules and regulations as a way of judging you.

Whenever you meet someone like them... show them the middle finger!!!

Because they have stopped being a child.. and stopped being a learner...

They are so engrossed in following rules and regulations... They call that happiness.

Those who behave like a child are the ones who can teach you the most... because they have this beautiful ability to love whole heartedly.

Always encourage Learning...
Always encourage becoming a Child..

Dr.Hemant Mittal

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