Imagination and Expectations - Invitation to Emotional Pain

Imagination is a gift of the human mind.
We can spend hours and hours sitting at one place, running different "story lines" in our head.

Its enjoyable and addictive activity which everyone indulges in.

You get a new job, you watching TV, you are getting married, you found Rs.1000/. in your closet... Imagination can get triggered at any place.. at any time...

Imagination is like a movie, which always a central theme. It can be good vs bad... hero vs villain.. romance... current love vs ex-lover... and its loaded with high dose of emotions -
love, hate, anger, care, jealousy, etc.

The negative part of Imagination is that it aids in of developing too much expectations.

You create a "storyline" in your mind.. and slowly want real life to follow that sequence.

The restlessness of the mind, might create negativity and anger against certain characters... and might create extreme love for others.

This is imprinted in the back of your mind.. and its used by you too judge people.

for example -

Tony loved Maria... Tony was a very shy person, while Maria was a very social person.
He always imagined her as a Housewife, living with him and just taking care of him.

Hence whenever Maria would go out with her friends, he would get extremely irritated.
He felt insecure that his imagination wouldnt be satisfied.
Initially he would very quietly introduce negative ideas about Maria's friends into her mind... This would be done subtly without making it conscious.
If she still continued with those friend.. his anger and irritation would increase and he would criticize her.

Slowly slowly they drifted apart.

Imagination is great skill to have... Its stupid!!!
and I repeat - Stupid!!! to supplement it for reality.

The real world requires a lot of adjustments, a lot of sacrifices.. a lot of decisions... a lot of acceptance...

There is a thick division between being practical and emotional.
A practical individual takes decision based on self acceptance of a situation.
An emotional individual is indecisive because he depends too much on others happiness.

Floating in emotions is a personal heart-welcomed invitation to self destructive emotional pain.

written by-

Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, DPM, MD(mindmantra))
(Psychiatrist, Motivational Writer and Counselor)

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