How to adjust to a new boss?

A new boss can be a blessing or a curse.
The 2 things I have learnt by counseling corporates is that -
No one likes a boss... and a Boss can never be your friend.

So adjusting to a new boss, requires some mental reworking. Here are few steps that will help you -

1) New is New
Every human being is different. The problem is when we compare him to the previous one, we already develop certain expectations from him.
Give yourself sometime to judge your new boss.

2) Be positive
Be optimistic and positive about him.
Spend sometime understanding his behavior patterns.
Focus on his positives.

3) Impression
The boss will make his own judgements about people. Its time to make a favorable impression on him.
Be proactive.
Talk to him, and volunteer at being part of his new team.
Don't linger on your laurels and old achievements giving you a head start... make the start.

4) Learning
Your boss will learn from you.. and you will learn from him.
He will have some good traits and some bad ones.
Communicate with him.. Be polite and firm in guiding him through the attitude that need change.

5) Play it right
Understand your new boss’ agenda. Know his priorities.
Just like a game of chess, you have to understand his future moves and what his vision about work.
This will help you in adjusting to his working style.

6) Adjustment
Adjust to your new boss’ working style immediately. This is a a necessary shift.
Most people I meet for counseling who are suffering from the effects of a New boss .. is due to their own short coming. They are too rigid about their working style.
They don't want to evolve and hence are stuck in "ego" battles with their new boss.

7) Be practical
A new boss, means a new game.
New set of rules, a new way of thinking, a new way of playing the game.
Your efficiency at work is determined by your dedication and the appreciation you get.
If your boss is against your way of working, you have to adjust to his.
A change in boss can destroy work culture of a place. I have counseled hundreds of corporate workers who couldn't take the new boss attitude.

If after 100% trying you are still struggling to cope up with him... be practical its either time to talk to your HR team or make a shift.

Dr.Hemant Mittal (psychiatrist and counselor) 

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