The importance of NO!

Tony found it very difficult to say NO!!
He thought it would make people think negative about him and he would loose on friends.
One day his boss asked him to supervise the office Lunch for next 6 months.
The office policy was to provide a standard Free Lunch to all employees. Any extra dish had to be paid by the employee.
On first day, some of Tony's friends asked him to give them some freebies.
He nicely obliged. The next day some "new" friends again asked him and he obliged.
New and old friends made this a trend for 2 months.
Then his boss called and questioned why suddenly the office was spending thrice the money on Lunch.

He realized his mistake... Next day onwards Tony Stopped giving Freebies. Within a month people complained about his ineffective and insensitive management, causing him to loose the job!!

Dr.Hemant Mittal

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