Sex won't make him Love you

Maria was madly in love with Tony.
She loved the way he talked, the way he walked... she just couldn't think of anyone except him.

Her love slowly became possessiveness. Even the thought of Tony looking at other woman made her angry.
She just wanted him for herself.

Slowly her possessiveness turned to insecurity.
She wanted Tony to love her like she loved him.
She felt she should always look good, always make Tony laugh, always adjust to Tony's wishes so that he doesn't look or think about other women.

Tony was an intelligent guy, who very well understood how to manipulate this insecurity in his favor.

Once he asked her for sex. Which she initially denied.
She wanted it to happen only after marriage.

Tony slowly used her insecurity as a weapon. He would constantly tell her stories of how his friends would seek sexual pleasures from other woman because their girl-friends couldn't satisfy them.

He would talk about his own sexual needs, but will always leave a sense of guilt that Maria was the one not satisfying him.

He would blame her for not having faith on him and his loyalty.

Finally Maria submitted to physical intimacy.
The first few months, they were extremely sexually active.

Everytime Maria would feel guilty of committing a crime, but would explain to herself that it was needed to keep Tony's love alive for her.

Finally one day Tony broke up the relationship, telling her that she hadn't done enough for him. That she was never emotionally or physically present for him.

Maria was devastated and landed up in deep depression.

When I met Maria, she was ashamed of herself and felt like committing suicide.

Mind Mantra - Relationships that are based on sex have a higher chance of failing, because there is no basis of communication, understanding and trust.

A Fruitful relationship requires space for both partners to explore their natural self.

If your personality is compromised in the name of adjustment, then the relationship is not good for your health.

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