Is being "good to all" affecting your subconscious mind?

Being good to others is very noble... but when you try to adjust too much, it creates extreme negativity inside your mind.
Memories, emotions and thoughts start to make you restless.
This restlessness keeps playing in your subconscious mind, making you feel worthless, helpless and hopeless.

a small psychological test, will help you find how much your inner subconscious mind is affected -

Go through the questions and answer in YES/NO

1. Do you find it difficult to sit silent at one place for more than 5min?

2. Do you keep apologize just to keep others happy, even if it wasn’t your fault completely?

3. You want to tell people to stop taking you for granted. You plan it mentally but are unable to tell them?

4. You keep giving yourself “explanations and excuses” for submitting to do what others want. But feel guilty deep inside?

5. Your first reaction to any problem is to “find a way out of it” rather than “find a solution for it”

6. You try to be in everyone’s good books, this makes people take advantage of you?

7. You constantly lose sleep, worrying about self and others?

8. You crave for attention and love. Mind is constantly clouded with negative images of the past?

9. You sacrifice your own happiness, just to keep others happy?

10. When alone with yourself own, do you feel guilty for the way your life is going?

11.  Do you constantly compare your life with those of others?

12.  Do you constantly feel you are destined to live life in this sadness?

13.  Try to avoid meetings, party’s or going out?

14. You tend to take the blame for events and circumstances. Without analysing what or who caused them?

15.  You always have this need that someone will guide you out of this bad time?

Score yourself one (1) point for every yes you have given.

If you scored more than 11 - than its time to seek help.

Your brain’s functioning, blood and chemical circulation is in overactive mode.

Trying to be good to others, you are decreasing your own self worth. This is hurting you emotionally. Starving you for appreciation and love.

Your over-active brain activity will be manifested in symptoms by showing problems in sleep, memory, skin (acne), hair fall, sexual disatisfaction and weight gain.

Consult a psychiatrist/counselor near you.

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