Board Exams related stress

10th and 12th Board exams are a corner stone in every India student's life.
With the exams just 3 months away, Parents and student alike are now slowly showing signs of stress.

The next 3 months are crucial, as it will define the good from bad.. and the great from the average.

Everyday many parents are coming to my clinic for tips on how to help their children battle stress and have an efficient "memory" for the exams.

Here are some essential tips to keep in mind -

1. Restriction - Parents always want the best for their child. Because of their experience they get very anxious. This anxiety is manifested as restrictions and comparison put on the child.
30min of TV
30min of internet usage
NO cell phone
see how the neighbours child studies..  are common in every household.

MIND MANTRA - communicate with your child openly... first listen to what he wants.. and then tell him what you expect. Don't be a dictator.. talk to him. and let him talk to you.

2. Addictions - so what addictions can a 15-17yr old child have?
Cell-phone - whatsapp, BBM

MIND MANTRA - most parents immediately stop and restrict the child. This creates withdrawal symptoms, which include depression, restlessness, feeling less loved. Hence the child revolts.

If your child indulges in such addictions more than 3hrs a day.. Then stop it under the guidance of a professional counselor, else he/she will loose many days battling withdrawal symptoms, which you cannot understand off.

3. Friends - Friends are most important to a 15-17yr old teenager. Unfortunately most friends don't have the same ideas about life, and others lie about how much they have studied.

MIND MANTRA - This is the time to be selfish... because if you spend excessive time listening to friends and their thought process, you might miss the opportunity.
People will only comfort you later, but nothing will be possible then.
This doesn't mean you are a bad friend, it just means you are more concerned about yourself.

4. Memory - Memory fades away in stressful situations. As the stress of board exams increases, the concentration level is bound to decrease.

Parents run around to find cures for brighter memory. - syrups, tablets, massages... parents will try everything.

Every year so many parents come to me for prescriptions of "magical memory drugs".

MIND MANTRA - I tell parents that before starting these wonder drugs its important to fight the stress and memory will automatically disappear. Consult a professional counselor/psychiatrist to evaluate the stress level of the child and suggest activities/medicines for the same.

5. Exam phobia - one of the most common problems in modern day students is exam phobia.
Such is the fear of these exams that teenagers suffer from mild panic attacks which most parents think is "fake".

This makes many teenagers forget just at the start of an exam.
Makes others weak in remembering and memorizing lessons.
Makes others irritable and angry.

MIND MANTRA - get it cured. it can be the start of a life long problem.

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