You are Love

Tony was going through a really bad relationship, and wasn't able to move out of it.
He tried his level best, but he just couldn't make his mind leave it.
Every few hours It always brought him back to focus on the same.

He asked Maria - Can you tell me what love is?

She looked at him.. and kept quiet!!

After a few moments he asked again - Maria... what is love?

Maria smiled and said - you are love.

Tony was perplexed...
"what do you mean, I am love"

Maria smiled... and kept quiet!!!

After minutes of thinking when Tony couldn't take it longer... He pleaded.. "Please explain what you meant by I am love!!!"

Maria said - You aren't prepared to hear that!!!

Tony like a small child - Please!! I am grown up... I want to know.

Maria smiled and lovingly said - You spend the entire day thinking about a relationship that ended few years ago.
You spend hours crying about it... Thinking what change you could have made...
You spend hours angry that your partner and the society never understood you at that moment.
But you never take a step to approach your lover.
You never take a step to break the boundaries of your mind.

Have you thought Why???

Because you are in love with yourself...
You like to do everything for your friends... Because it makes you feel appreciated.
you like to think for yourself... because you feel sympathetic about self.
You eat at expensive places, drink, smoke... talk about god.. talk about politics...  because it makes you feel in control of your life.

You are in so much love with yourself.. That when someone asks you too move out of it.. you cry.

Love is emotionally, physically and psychologically connecting with someone that you don't want to leave him/her.

You don't want to leave yourself.

You are love!!!"

original written by -

Dr.Hemant Mittal (Psychiatrist)
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address- Mind Mantra wellness clinic
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