10 things You cannot change, but still complaint and crib about !!! - Self-Analysis

As a psychiatrist, I know that complaining helps vent out your negativity, but then there are many situations, where constant complaining leads to increased negativity.
Here are some of my observations -

1. Freebies -
Everyone likes to receive something free... and almost instantly you tend to find a flaw in it.
Many doctors, businessman and even corporate worker wait eagerly for "gifts".
Immediately after receiving them, they scrutinize it till they find a flaw.
This decreases their power of appreciation and directs the brain to analyse everything in a more negative way.

2. Lengthy waits in Traffic -
Everyone hates traffic. Everyone wants to reach home/work early.
Traffic brings a lot of negativity out.
A person will start abusing the govt., the system, other cars and bikes.. This increases irritation and anger.
While most people wrongly believe that this Irritation and anger is confined to just traffic, it actually is a trigger for its long term presence in your personality.

3. Extra-time at job.
If you don't enjoy your job, and see your job as a "necessary evil", spending more time at work is a punishment.
I remember a patient of mine who would spend 25hr on his computer every weekend, but even an extra hour at work made him so irritated that it came out as insults.

4. Weather.
You actually compliment the weather only once or twice every year.
Else you are always cribbing and complaining about it.
Nothing can be done about it, but you are teaching your mind to be negative. You are teaching it too hate the environment.

5. Facebook statuses.
Everyone like to read through Facebook Statuses.
You can call yourself "non-judgemental", but everytime you read an update there is a reaction in your mind.
You are your best judge.. You'll find that more than often its negative then positive.

6. Correcting grammatical errors.
Some people are obsessed with correcting grammatical errors.
Its an obnoxious waste of time.
The most successful people I have met are not grammatically correct, but make sure their point is understood by everyone.
Being grammatically perfect is just a sign of micro-controlling and signals towards perfectionism.

7. Mondays.
If Sunday is the most relaxed day, Monday is the most hated.
And the less you love your work, the more you hate Monday.
Many people get so stressed from Sunday evening, that they are sleep deprived on Monday mornings.

8. Waking up in the morning.
Not everyone body clock is the same.
But society doesn't know about "body clock".
Its a social norm to wake up early and reach work early.
Its said you should begin each day jumping for joy and ready for a new adventure, but most people wake up with the attitude of having to live through another day.
The more the depression in your mind, the more you hate mornings.

9. Getting Drunk and Hangovers.
People love to drink. Men or women they just love to have a drink.
But only a very few have control on their drinks.
Most people keep drinking till they are completely drunk.
The next morning you hate yourself for having drank so much.
You might feel embarrassed for things you did.
You might even promise yourself you'll control drinks.
But next time you will do it again.

Many patients tell me - I POISONED myself with alcohol so that I can vent out my negativity. I do it, so I can get some sympathy, but the next morning I feel pity for myself. I always end up saying things I would normally never say.

10. Taking Responsibility
This is probably the one thing that people hate the most.
I have had patients who have been running away from responsibility, and only wanted me to tell them - stop running!! take it!!
I have had patients who have been in depression because others performed responsibility better than them - I have had to motivate them to give it a try, maybe they have an hidden talent.
I have had patients who have been extremely jealous to the point of depression and anxiety because someone else completed his responsibility perfectly.



written by -
Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, DPM, MD(mindmantra))
(Psychiatrist, Motivational Writer and Counselor)
email – eksoch@gmail.com
website – www.mindmantra.in
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