Fun fact about Psychology

Psychiatry’s Bible: The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual had 112 mental disorders outlined in the 1st issue. The latest issue now describes 374

Abraham Lincoln, the revered sixteenth President of the United States suffered from severe and incapacitating depressions that occasionally led to thoughts of suicide, as documented in numerous biographies by Carl Sandburg.

Virginia Woolf, a British novelist who wrote “To The Lighthouse” and “Orlando” experienced the mood swings of a bipolar disorder and spent feverish periods of writing and weeks immersed in gloom.

Eugene O’Neill, a famous playwright, author of “Long Day’s Journey Into Night” and “Ah, Wilderness!” suffered from clinical depression.

Ludwig van Beethoven, brilliant composer experienced bipolar disorder, as documented in “The Key to Genius/Maniac Depression and the Creative Life” by D. Jablow Hershman and Julian Lieb.

Vincent Van Gogh suffered from bipolar disorder.

The suicidal depression of Ernest Hemingway, a prize-winning novelist, is examined in the “True Gen: An Intimate Portrait of Ernest Hemingway by Those Who Knew Him” by Denis Brian.

Charles Dickens, one of the greatest authors in the English language, suffered from clinical depression.

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