Personal Branding - How to present yourself !!

A few weeks ago the HR manager of a reputed company gives me a call and asks me to talk on "personal branding".

Being a psychiatrist the one thing I ain't too good is "corporate language". I'm a very direct person, hence I avoid corporates because of their "flowery" and many times "beating around the bush" attitude.

I decided to give it a skip, but within the next few days the Guy called me up again. He was for some reason determined to have me talk at his job place. (probably no one else wanted to talk to young management trainees)

Finally I decided to go ahead with the same. It was a wonderful, very motivated young crowd. Here are 5 simple things I shared with them -

1. Choice – Life is not always about choice.
Everyday I meet many people who are in professions they didn't choose.
Many are working in projects the boss allotted.
You have 2 options - make best of the choice you have been given or fight it out and follow your own choice.

Cribbing and cursing self and others for these choices will only make you and your work quality poor.

2. Let your Actor out – Real Life is not about honesty. You don't get paid for the work you do. You don't get promotions for the efforts you put in.
Everyday I treat people who go through extreme stress because of their boss not being "honest"
This will get you frustrated against boss and co-workers.
You need to be an actor. You need to know which emotion is effective where. You need to know how to suppress negative emotions.

3. Don't be a Yes-Man – The boss recognizes a YES-man from km's away. He wants such a man because it eases his work.
Unfortunately most Yes-Man don't get a proper due. They just are "powerful" till the boss is in power or till the boss likes them.

4. Advertising your deeds- If you walk an extra mile to complete work and keep your mouth shut, no one will ever care about you.
No one will understand your work, till you don't advertise yourself.
Don't be a loud mouth, but do put forth your work efforts.

5. Don't be fearful of the boss - India seems to have a very high "yes sir" attitude. People are scared and fearful to talk and discuss with the boss.
Remember your boss was once also a young trainee like you.
Keep your fear aside and talk.

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