Feeling neglected - The moment your friends make plans right in front of you, and the plans don't include you.

Friendship is the most important bond after family. In many cases its even bigger than family.

The greatest bond in friendship is love... the greatest destroyer of friendship is possessiveness.

In a great majority of people, the statement "you are my friend" psychologically translates into "you'll be my friends only till you share everything, you do everything and you plan everything as per my expectations"

The moment your friend shows a little bit of "independence", does things you don't like or don't include you, your mind goes on the back-foot.. You start over-analysing.. even a small incident becomes a huge problem... You eventually end up denting and hurting the emotional bond of your friendship.

The "better" your friend, the more possessive you become.

Possessiveness when used to give care and nurture someone, can be as beautiful as a mothers love... and possessiveness when used to keep someone glued to you can be extremely intoxicating and deadly.

the greatest strength of every relationship lies in Freedom.... The saying is true - let them free, if they love you they will come back.. if they don't they never did.

But the disclaimer is that you have too let them free since day one of your relationship.. it doesn't mean you let them free only after you've strangulate the relationship with your possessiveness.

Learn to appreciate, love and accept each others individuality.

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