Highway - Kill the Evil Within!!

I walked into the Movie theatre tired after a long day's work.. and I walked out with a smile.

"Highway" is probably one of the finest Hindi Movies I have seen in more than a decade.

Imtiaz Ali has done a wonderful and very well researched job in taking various psychiatric manifestations and amalgamating them into a beautiful story.

Sadly because of the Indian society's lack of understanding and "delusional fear" of psychiatry, this movie's fate is limited.

While most reviews on this movie focus on Stockholm Syndrome, The reason for me writing today about Highway, is because it opens the Pandora's Box to some of the most tabooed and dark sides of Indian Society -

1. Child Sexual Abuse
2. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
3. The need to speak and revolt against social rules.

As a psychiatrist, these are 3 horrific emotional problems which I have been treating for years.

Year after year, I meet hundreds of men and women who have been abused as a child.

The pain that lingers in their mind is a horrendous tale which their relatives and the predators try to escape by using lame sentences like - "it will go away with time".

Its time the indian society opens and stands up!!
Its time to destroy that evil that is killing our children!!

- listen to your children
- Educate them against offensive sexual behaviors
- don't keep quiet to any sexual offence

- the scars of sexual offence, remain for years if not a lifetime.. don't let it destroy your child.

written by -

Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, DPM, MD(mindmantra))
(Psychiatrist, Motivational Writer and Counselor)

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