How to Cope with Job Loss?

Modern day social laws have been evolved in such a way, that a job becomes an essential part of an individuals social and personal identity.

Hence losing a job, suddenly makes one lose part of their identity.

The loss of identity is a very nasty feeling that introduces fear, vulnerability, anger, irritation and depression within the personality of an individual.

The psychological phases of job-loss?

As a psychiatrist, when I am counseling or medically treating someone with core issue of job loss the main issue is to identify which phase does one fall into.

1. Dynamic Phase – 0-6 months after a job loss.
With enough savings, this is the time when the mind is most excited to find a new job and erase the past.
The general approach of one's personality is very positive.

2. Phase of Doubt – Repeated failure to find a job introduces doubt.
The general approach is positive but doubtful.
Lethargy seems to over-take the mind, and even simple solutions might seem an up-hill task.

3. Panic – Decreasing saving, income loss, lack of opportunities… make the mind restless… The brain starts working overtime.
Negativity takes over the mind.
One starts to question self.
General approach becomes irritable, anger without reason.
Ready to do any job, even if it is a few levels than the last one.
Such cases Requires a proper plan and motivation.

4. Restlessness – When the savings are about to finish up, one starts to look for sources to borrow money.
Lack of income, decreased self-esteem, asking others for money, introduce 24hr restlessness.
The mind looses on memory, concentration, mood swings, addiction seeking behavior and escapism.
Need psychiatric medical care.

5. Clinical Depression - When you start waking up in the morning, with a feeling of disgust, fear, crying and disillusion.
Feel like running away from current life.
Suicidal thoughts cross the mind.
They require immediate emergency psychiatric medical treatment.

How to Cope with Job Loss?

Coping is an essential life skill that no one teaches You.

Many of my patients and in many of my workshops I have focused on some simple methods to cope with job loss.

1. Introspection – Most people I meet in the initial phases of a job-loss are too positive about themselves.. and those in the later stages are too negative.
They need to have vision about the road they want to follow in life.

2. Applying for jobs is an art – Many people specially in the first 2 psychological stages of a job-loss only apply for “excellent jobs” … they forget the “good jobs”… Take my advice Apply to all jobs!!!
Marginalizing your view-point towards the type of job can cost you dear.

3. Positivity – The difference between success and failure is having a source and centre of positivity in your life.
Your wife, your children, your own self, your can be anything.. but has to be something that gives you continued positivity.

4. Be professional – If you find yourself spending most time battling the mind, its time to be professional about it.
Panic, anger, irritation, lack of concentration, memory, sadness, not preforming well in interviews means its time to consult a professional counselor/psychiatrist.

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